Bioenergy Workforce Potential by way of Dr. Alice Prince with Pathways United

Sep 28, 2021

Bioenergy Workforce Potential by way of Dr. Alice Prince, CEO of Pathways United, utilizes MSIs to amplify excellence in science and technology for people of color

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Dr. Alice Prince of Pathways United ramps the connection with MSIs and the DOE

(September 27, 2021. St. Louis, MO) - Based on research from the National Academy of Sciences, Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) are “America’s Underutilized Resource for Stimulating the STEM Workforce.” In 2016, over 44% of degrees in science and engineering were awarded to people of color, and this number is steadily growing as the country’s majority position decreases. Dr. Alice Prince of Pathways United understands this turning point very well and is utilizing her expertise in workforce development and partnership with the Department of Energy using Bioenergy to infuse the economy with highly qualified innovation, tapping into a long history of MSI excellence in science and technology.

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, “MSIs are institutions of higher education that serve minority populations.” Two types of MSIs bear a historical designation to serve specific groups of students: Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU). Other MSIs qualify for designation by the U.S. Department of Education through their enrollment and expenditure thresholds—meaning they serve a defined number of students of color and often do so with limited resources. In alignment with the research of the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Alice Prince is actively seeking HBCU and TCU partnerships and student innovation to catapult the workforce and US Economy. The Pathways United approach is targeted and direct, “Be intentional. Provide Opportunity. Create Generational Wealth, says Dr. Alice Prince.”

Statistically, a vast majority of MSI students are first generation college students who do not matriculate from wealthy households. An opportunity to share their technical innovation and scientific discovery with the Department of Energy will generate potential massive funding streams for HBCUs and other minority serving institutions. Investment in MSIs will create generational wealth building, a highly beneficial community return on investment. “I have always wanted to ensure Black and Brown communities have unfiltered access to resources,'' said Dr. Alice Prince of Pathways United during a recent interview with Webster University.

In a review of MSIs’ most promising programs, policies, and practices to support their students, the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Closing the Equity Gap identified a common thread that distinguishes the most successful efforts from other initiatives: intentionality. For purposes of their 2019 report, the committee defined intentionality “as a calculated and coordinated method of engagement by institutions, agencies, organizations, and private investors to effectively meet the needs of a designated population within a given higher education institution. Intentionality in this context translates to the creation of tailored initiatives, policies, and practices that meet students where they are in their college careers academically, financially, and socially, while doing so with cultural mindfulness that moves students toward higher levels of academic achievement and self-confidence.”

Recall the Pathways United approach, led by Dr. Alice Prince, “Be intentional. Provide Opportunity. Create Generational Wealth.” The organization is aligned with best practices to advance MSIs and continues to push the envelope for people of color in the bioenergy sector. Any HBCU, TCU, or other identified MSI interested in support provided to fund your lab, technology, or innovation please contact, Pathways United or Dr. Alice Prince directly.

Pathways United is a full-service consulting agency that specializes in workforce, education, and youth programs. The team takes a human-centered approach to help organizations innovate and grow in entrepreneurship, bioenergy, and diversity and inclusion sectors. We use a holistic approach to model the commitment for continued professional growth, including leadership mindset, positive and solution-oriented strategies, data analysis, and reflective thinking.

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