Bexley, Kogarah, NSW: Get Professional Glass Repair & Replacement For Windows & Doors

May 26, 2023

Need glass repair or replacement? Call SOS Glass Services (0410-311-916) in Bexley or Kogarah! We can update your windows, doors, glass balustrades, and more with custom frameless glass installation. Whether you need emergency repair services or cosmetic updates, we have competitive rates for domestic and commercial jobs.

Are you in need of glass replacement services? Whether you’re suffering from a classic case of “my neighbour’s annoying kid threw a baseball through the window” or you just want to bring your home or business out of the ’70s and into the 21st century, SOS Glass Services have got all your repair, replacement, and installation needs covered.

Specialising in frameless glass installation and replacement, we offer competitive pricing and complimentary quotes for projects of all sizes. Our updated services are ideal if you’re looking to modernise your indoor or outdoor space by adding a sleek, contemporary look with the addition of frameless glass.

You can learn more about our services, browse photos of our work, and read reviews from happy clients by heading to our website at

With people spending more time at home throughout the pandemic, there has been a noticeable increase in home improvement projects, renovations, and updates. Business owners have followed suit by taking advantage of closures to give their spaces a facelift in anticipation of reopening.

Our glazier services provide you with an affordable, reliable way to bring a modern element to your property, which can raise its value, add visual appeal, and make your neighbours super jealous. Frameless glass provides a sleek look and can enhance the view from your balcony or terrace, make pool railings look more modern, and add a classy touch to showers and bath fixtures.

In most cases, our technicians can cut glass onsite, allowing for a prompt, professional job from start to finish. We carry a wide inventory of glass and finishes to protect your home or business for years to come.

When it comes to emergencies, we understand that unforeseen events happen and can result in serious damage (i.e., baseball shattering your windowpane). We strive to provide you with fast, reliable service when last-minute repairs and replacements are needed.

Whether you need emergency repairs or you’re planning on updating your existing doors, windows, and glass fixtures, you can rely on us. We guarantee practical, effective solutions, great service, and competitive rates.

About Us:

We’ve been in the glazier industry for over 30 years and are proud to have made connections with so many residents over our decades of work. All of our products and services are compliant with and meet the Australian safety standards. 

A satisfied customer had this to say, “We used SOS Glass to fix the horrendous and incomplete job another company has left us with. SOS Glass literally came to our rescue. They went out of their way to attend and fix the damage. We would recommend them to anyone.”

Want to learn more? Head to to read more reviews, check out photos of our work, and request a complimentary quote for your next project. Feel free to call us at (0410-311-916) with any questions you might have.

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