Best Venue For Networking Events In TX Is Historic Ballroom With Hourly Rentals

Aug 31, 2023

The Bell Tower on 34th (713-868-2355) in Houston is proud to be taking business meetings and networking events out of the boardroom and into their incredible new event hall.

Make your next networking event work better for you and your guests at The Bell Tower on 34th.

The Bell Tower on 34th has a new event space called the ‘Boardroom in the Ballroom’ that they believe can offer you a functional and corporate-event-friendly space that also has the unique charm of a historic ballroom. The team at The Bell Tower on 34th has also created new customizable events packages, including flexible hourly rentals, to allow you to create the event that suits your organization and your purpose best.

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The event-producing team at The Bell Tower on 34th has worked alongside many networking events hosts and they understand the unique demands of these types of events. They are confident that their new event hall will help you create an enjoyable ambiance and vibe that will attract guests to attend your event, and then stay as long as possible, and that will also foster meaningful business connections.

Whether you are working in the corporate sector or are hosting an industry-specific event—whether in technology, communication, or space travel, given Houston’s reputation as the international space city—The Bell Tower on 34th can now create an appropriate look and feel for your event more quickly and at a lower cost.

With their new flexible hourly rentals, The Bell Tower on 34th can transform their event hall into a ‘Boardroom in the Ballroom’ with a quick event lead-in and pack down, and they can offer you in-house AV and lighting, décor and furnishings, and executive chef-designed catering or food packages if you want to streamline your event process.

The Bell Tower on 34th will design your event concept alongside you and they can also now offer you an on-site event coordinator to run your event on the day. The historic venue is located just north of Downtown Houston and they work with local, statewide, national and international clients.

Roger Igo, the President and CEO of The Bell Tower on 34th, said, “Many organizations enjoy our facility, excellent food, and service year after year. Our location has a great atmosphere, and your guests will appreciate its open-air feel - not a restaurant, hotel, or building lobby. Perfect for corporate functions and clients worldwide.”

If you want your next networking event to become a talked-about experience that will have people lining up to attend, you want The Bell Tower on 34th.

Visit to see why The Bell Tower on 34th is Houston’s most beloved corporate event venue, and to see how you can book your ‘Boardroom in the Ballroom’ experience.

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