Best Surgical Masks Manufactured In USA: Top 2023 PPE Wholesaler For Dentists

May 25, 2023

Restock your PPE at a fraction of the cost, with incredibly fast shipping – SurgiMac makes it easy. They manufacture and ship products from warehouses located coast-to-coast, at wholesale rates for medical professionals. Sign up today, absolutely free.

Do you remember when the pandemic first struck, and people were wearing all kinds of crazy things as masks?

I'm not trying to suggest that you should go into surgery using a bandana as a mask - but it really shows that not all masks are created equal. Some are created as highly effective protective equipment... while others are basically a decoration.

You can't really even blame people for it - because there was such a severe shortage of masks, almost anything was better than nothing, right?

The point I'm trying to make is that now that the pandemic is over - you've got options (and I want to tell you about my favorite one.)

If you work in healthcare, you've probably already heard of SurgiMac. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of medical and dental supplies, with insanely fast shipping - their name gets around, but did you know they make their own brand of masks too?

I can give you a summary, but if you want all the technical specs, just visit

So why are they my favorite?

Well, I can list a bunch of reasons, but let's start with the fact that their MaxSafe mask has a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99%. They're also made with eco-friendly materials and use no latex or fiberglass, so you don't have to worry about any potential allergies.

They're also manufactured in the USA, and then independently tested by a US company - and I like to think of myself as a patriot, at least when it comes to where I shop.

If for some reason, you don't like SurgiMac-brand masks, that's alright. They sell masks from other top brands, in a variety of colors, efficiency ratings, and styles, including surgical, molded, and K95-type masks. They also provide detailed information about every type, including the BFE for each mask, the materials they are constructed of, and their ASTM rating.

If you're a professional, whether that's medical, dental, hospice, or another health-related industry, you can even get the masks at wholesale prices. All you have to do is register your clinic, practice, or hospice on their website, and you'll get instant access to their best prices.

What if you're not a professional? Well, that's alright too. You won't be able to access the SurgiMac wholesale rates, or certain restricted items like anesthetics, but you can still buy their hospital-grade masks, clinical apparel, tools, and disinfectants - and they'll still ship right to your door, fast.

How fast? Well, how about the very same-day fast?

Okay, maybe your package won't necessarily arrive the same day, but if you place an order before Noon, EST - they'll get it packaged, labeled, and on its way, that same day.

You can get the same fast shipping for almost anything on their website, from lab coats to dental picks. Check out their full selection, sorted by brand, at

SurgiMac isn't just a local provider either, they've also partnered with all the major medical supply brands, so you can access all the products you love, with their wholesale rates and fast shipping service. You can find products from McKesson, PDI, and Biofreeze, just to name a few, and they all qualify for same-day shipping.

While it's impossible to say precisely how long it will take for products to get from a SurgiMac warehouse to your door - I can safely estimate the answer.

Not very long.

That's because they don't just ship from one warehouse, they have a network of them, located from coast to coast. Your order will always ship from the warehouse closest to you, that has your items in stock, so I think "not very long" is a pretty safe bet.

When asked why they manufacture their own products, a SurgiMac spokesperson explained, “Our manufacturing facilities.. enable us to re-engineer products with the utmost attention to quality and detail. On top of that, having our own factory helps us shorten the supply chain and pass along the savings to our customers.”

With SurgiMac, you've got options.

Get the brand-name products you know and trust, from an authorized dealer - or try SurgiMac's in-house brand of premium tools and protective gear.

Just don't forget to sign up for a wholesale account at

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