Best Post-Winter Brightening Facial For Dull Skin Near Japantown, San Francisco

May 8, 2023

San Francisco’s most renowned luxury spa, Penelope and the Beauty Bar (415-306-9850), has all of your post-winter skincare needs. With brightening peels, custom facials and the best LED light treatments, you will be more radiant than ever.

Officially say goodbye to winter and hello to spring and summer with San Francisco’s best brightening facial. Greet the sun with a new radiant you.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar has an extensive roster of custom facials that use selective brand products from MBR and Biologique Recherche, two of the world’s most renowned skincare brands. Now, the spa’s highly trained estheticians have developed a new brightening facial for you that they call their Brightening Peel + LED, which has been designed for stressed and devitalized skin.

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Especially as we come out of a long and gray San Francisco winter, Penelope and the Beauty Bar knows that one of the most common complaints you likely have is dull and tired-looking skin. That’s why they have created their new brightening facial, which will leave you with “fresh, smooth, and absolutely radiant” skin.

The intensive restorative treatment includes a brightening peel that uses Biologique Recherche’s deeply exfoliating Acides De Fruits and P50 Visage cremes. During the facial, Penelope and the Beauty Bar will specifically target the uneven parts of your complexion, as well as any acne scars, fine lines and/or deeper wrinkles you may have.

The spa culminates the new facial with a restorative LED light therapy session, where you will enjoy the healing effects of four different shades of LED lights. The spa’s estheticians believe this combination makes the treatment the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation, and dull and dry winter skin banishment.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar also recommends their new Biovecteur Marin Facial to you, also from Biologique Recherche, which is likewise popular for a post-winter skin glow-up. This is a custom seaweed wrap facial that gives you the best in ancient natural skincare and innovative modern beauty technology. The energizing and moisturizing facial has likewise been designed for dull skin, giving it a radiant and lifted appearance.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar can design custom facials for you and, in addition to their new facials, they offer you an extensive selection of lifting, illuminating, re-oxygenating, collagen rejuvenating and sebum-rebalancing facials.

A spokesperson for the luxury spa said, “Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers the most advanced skin care and body treatments available at our luxurious San Francisco spa. Find us located inside the world-renowned Fairmont Hotel near Japantown.”

You’ll be walking on sunshine after a post-winter facial with Penelope and the Beauty Bar.

Visit to see how their new brightening peels and LED facials can transform your skin.

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