Best Pediatric Chiropractic Care In Dubuque For Better Posture & Spine Health

Jul 8, 2022

Parents can bring their children to Fullness of Life Chiropractic (563-583-2095) in Dubuque, IA, to see Dr. Neal Rolwes, who has specialized training in pediatric chiropractic care.

Best Pediatric Chiropractic Care In Dubuque For Better Posture & Spine Health

Has your child had frequent ear infections? Or does your child have other health problems that seem to happen too frequently? Take your child to Dr. Neal Rolwes at Fullness of Life Chiropractic to see if he can help you.

Because the development of your child’s body continues for years, pediatric chiropractic care is important to ensure that your child’s spine develops with proper alignment so it can freely communicate with all the vital organs.

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You can take your child to this pediatric chiropractor who has received specialized training in treating patients under the age of 18. Pediatric chiropractic adjustments at Fullness of Life are light and delivered with a touch soft enough for a newborn.

You might have thought that chiropractors were just for adults who had been injured in a car accident or a fall. On the Fullness of Life website, however, the team explains the importance of taking healthy children regularly to a pediatric chiropractor.

They explain that the spine communicates with all the organs in the body to keep them running smoothly. Your child’s physical activities can cause shifts in your child’s musculoskeletal system resulting in spinal misalignments that interfere with optimal communication.

Misalignments may not even be noticeable to your child but can be the actual cause of some health problems, including ear infections, asthma, behavioral problems, and more. Pediatric chiropractic care can correct misalignments and improve your child's overall health.

With pediatric chiropractic care, benefits cited by the professionals at Fullness of Life include an improvement in the sleeping pattern of your child and an improved immune system.

Through pediatric chiropractic care, the nerves of your child’s brain develop a strong connection with the rest of their body, improving concentration and focus while reducing hyperactivity.

Dr. Neal Rolwes has Certified Advanced Proficiency in the Torque Release Technique, which allows gentle adjustment, so the technique is appropriate for patients of any age.

Fullness of Life works with many health insurance companies in the region, but patients are encouraged to check with their insurance provider about coverage.

A satisfied patient wrote, “Dr. Neal always explains everything. He did exactly what we set out to do - get my life back. I never thought I would be able to do the things I’m doing now after a neurosurgeon, orthopedic specialist, and pain doctor told me there was no way to get my life back.”

Don’t you want to give your child’s spine the best care? Check out Fullness of Life to see how they can help.

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