Best Patient Acquisition Strategies For Chiropractors: SEO & Content Marketing

Jul 20, 2023

Grow your clinic and find new patients in your area with ChiroReach’s targeted marketing campaigns, designed especially for chiropractors.

How many chiropractors does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one. But it takes about 8-10 visits.

How many advertising agencies does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Oh well that all depends… what’s your budget?

Didn’t laugh at that one? No problem. It’s your job to crack people up, not mine.

But, joking aside, do you know how many chiropractors are competing for the Google 3-pack in your local area? With about 22 million American visiting chiropractors annually, my guess is it isn’t just you, wherever you are in the US.

If you want new patients to find you online and book appointments, you need to work on improving your online visibility, authority, and reputation. DIY marketing won’t do the trick. You should be doing what you do best - adjusting people’s backs, not writing posts on Facebook.

What you need is a partner who will take all this digital marketing off your plate, someone who knows what you’re going through and what your patients are looking for.

Meet ChiroReach - a digital marketing agency who knows your industry inside out, because it works exclusively with chiropractors. Its SEO and content marketing strategies are designed to help you increase your online visibility and grow your clinic.

“I know chiropractic marketing because I've been behind all of the online marketing efforts for my wife's local practice since inception,” says Terry Cresanto, CEO of ChiroReach. “Our online marketing strategies have continued to produce consistent growth year after year. Now I would love to do the same for you.”

Its multimedia content campaigns are developed with the goal of building your online authority and reputation. A team of copywriters creates original content in various formats, such as blog articles, podcasts, slideshows, and videos, and publishes it on popular websites, increasing your practice’s traffic and visibility, and establishig you as an authority in its field.

To achieve maximum results, ChiroReach encourages you to combine content marketing with its SEO strategies. The company utilizes on-page, off-page, and technical optimization, which can include website speed and responsiveness optimization, URL structure and tag management, and internal linking. This will help you improve your search engine ranking and increase your chances of showing up on the first page for searches in your local area.

The agency's SEO and content campaigns are offered as separate services or as part of a custom marketing strategy, which can also include other services, such as website design and targeted cold email outreach campaigns. ChiroReach emphasizes that it is dedicated to helping you reach as many new patients as possible, and therefore, only works with one practice per city.

Schedule a discovery call now to secure that spot, or go to to find out more about their services!

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