Best Luxury Bamboo Toilet Stool For Adults: Poop Better, With Less Strain

May 15, 2023

Poop easier with a Squatty Potty, and save yourself the strain. They have a little something for everyone, with products ranging from an understated sustainable luxury bamboo, to a brightly colored SpongeBob-themed version for kids (or adults!).

Just the other day my young son asked me one of those questions we all have to answer someday. He looked at me and asked, "Dad, where does Poo come from?"

I'm not squeamish, and I think kids should know these things once they're old enough to ask, so we sat down and had a talk about bodily waste, and how it all works.

I don't think he was very convinced though. In fact, he looked pretty upset when he asked me, "Well then, what about Tigger and Piglet?"

I'm pretty sure I can make that joke, now that Winnie the Pooh is in the public domain - but don't worry, it's only the first of many, because this blog is all about the Squatty Potty, how it works, and why you need one - it's totally not just an excuse for a bunch of toilet jokes.

You've already heard of the Squatty Potty, right? Everyone has, it was on the Howard Stern Show and Shark Tank, and you can find one in the homes of most clever folks who care about their bowel movements, and their health.

Well, the same company has released a new bamboo folding stool that builds on the company’s 10 years of experience designing "bathroom aids," to give you the cleanest, most relaxing poops you've ever had, with a little touch of luxury.

If for some reason you haven't heard of Squatty Potty before, I suggest pushing off the rock you've been living under, and checking them out. Just visit for all the details, or to review the medical evidence that proves it's effective.

While you're there, check out their full line of stools and you'll learn something else - these folks know their customers.

We all poop, but in most other ways, we're all a little bit different. That's why they have literally dozens of options, in a huge variety of styles. Sure, it looks a little odd in their store, seeing luxury bamboo toilet aids, next to SpongeBob-themed kid's versions - but there's a little something for everyone, right?

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself though... this blog is several paragraphs in, and I haven't explained what a Squatty Potty is.

Originally launched in 2013, the Squatty Potty is a simple device that changes the way you position your body while you poop, which medical professionals suggest results in less bodily strain and more complete eliminations.

Or as I like to call it, less push, more mush... sorry.

How it works is actually pretty simple, it just changes the angle of your legs from a 90-degree to a 35-degree angle, to naturally loosen your puborectalis muscle.

Yes, go ahead and laugh, it is really called that. The puborectalis muscle is hilarious right now, but when you're trying to hurry up a poop and it's just not happening, it won't seem so funny.

We know the problem though, a simple pinched muscle, and that means we can find the solution.

Research suggests that while our bodies are designed to eliminate waste while squatting, most toilets put you in a 90-degree position, which pinches the puborectalis muscle, and makes the process more strenuous. Or to put that another way, our bodies evolved to poop the way our ancestors did, and since they didn't invent modern chairs until much, much later, it's not the same way most people poop today.

The Squatty Potty corrects this by repositioning your legs in a manner similar to how humans would have squatted before the invention of the modern toilet, relaxing the relevant muscles, and allowing your waste to flow smoothly. I guess they could have called it the Caveman's Cloakroom, or the Neanderthals Toilet... but I have to admit, Squatty Potty does sound better.

A third-party study has determined that up to 85% of users find their bowels empty more completely when using a stool, than without - and that's always a nice feeling. The same study also indicated that up to 71% of folks believe their bathroom visits are shorter in duration, due to the use of the device.

I don't know about you, but better, faster, and easier are pretty good selling points in my book - and for the incredibly affordable price, you probably can't go wrong.

If you think a Squatty Potty might be what you're looking for to make your bathroom breaks a little easier, check out their full collection and find one to match your personal style. Just because you're pooping doesn't mean you can't have a little class, right? Check them out at

The new bamboo version is my current favorite because it's made almost entirely out of sustainable bamboo, with a velour dust cover for storage or travel. It's fancy looking, environmentally friendly, and collapsible. It uses sturdy, simple hinges, which can easily be flattened or extended by most folks, even if they suffer from mobility restrictions.

One happy pooper explained, “Nice design upgrade to the famous comfort. We love the style and fold-away function. Also, my boyfriend had never used a Squatty Potty before and he called it “life-changing”. He’s not wrong.”

Before you go find your own Squatty Potty though, I do have one final question.

What kind of poo smells better than it tastes?

.... Sham-poo!

That's it, you are free!

I'm all out of toilet jokes, and honestly, it's been hard to write more lately, since I spend so much less time in the bathroom now.

I guess everything comes at a cost, even stress-free pooping.

Shorten your bathroom time, and increase your bathroom comfort. Just visit

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