Best Long-Staple Hand-Dyed Cotton Thread For Embroidery Comes In Rainbow Colors

Jul 27, 2023

Valdani Inc has the highest-quality 100% Egyptian cotton thread, hand-dyed in 2023’s most unique and beautiful variegated shades.

Make your next embroidery project an exceptionally beautiful work of rainbow colors with Valdani’s new collection of variegated color threads.

Their 100% Egyptian cotton threads have been hand-dyed in a new selection of rich, deep and vivid variegated hues they know you’ll love. Valdani Inc has given close attention to the transition points between colors in order to bring greater depth, texture and nuance to the color palettes of their thread.

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Valdani has launched over 170 new colors in what they have titled their ‘Superb Variegate’ collection. In the development of their new variegated color palettes they have taken inspiration from the top design and style cues of 2023 including, as voted upon by Better Homes and Gardens, this year’s most unique shades. As such, they are giving you notes of Pantone’s Viva Magenta, a bold pinkish-red, Krylon’s Spanish Moss, a deep forest green, Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush, a vibrant orange-red, and Dunn-Edwards’ Terra Rossa, a soft and earthy pink clay shade.

The design team at Valdani Inc has given special consideration to how they can channel these and other distinct, evocative, and beautiful colors in their threads in order to offer you thread that is both high-quality and visually remarkable.

Popular new shades in their new ‘Superb Variegate’ collection you can buy include Backyard Greenfield, which takes a Spanish Moss-inspired deep green and partners it with a slightly brighter emerald shade, a lighter spring green and a muted khaki brown-green. Likewise, the brand’s new Raspberry Fizz channels Raspberry Blush and offsets its vibrancy and naturally multi-hued appearance with a softer plum shade.

As Valdani hand dyes their thread, these rich colors are guaranteed to be colorfast and the colors of the thread you buy will last throughout generations. This is something they know is particularly important to embroiderers like yourself, who often create family heirloom pieces.

You’ll also appreciate that all of Valdani Inc’s hand-dyed colorfast embroidery threads are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and are 100% long-staple.

A spokesperson for the high-quality thread retailers said, “The stunningly rich rainbow of colors that you will find in our hand-dyed variegated threads is unmatched on the market. We believe our selection of hand-dyed variegated color combinations is both remarkable and exceptionally beautiful.”

When it comes to color, there is no better thread than Valdani’s.

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