Best Kids’ Dental Clinic In North Beacon Hill: Trusted Family Pediatric Dentist

Aug 15, 2023

Looking for a great family dental clinic in North Beacon Hill, Seattle? Summit Dental Care (206-428-6970) is a trusted clinic known for its high-quality patient care offered in a positive and comfortable environment.

Good dental hygiene starts when you’re young. If you’re a parent to a young child, it’s important that you teach them to how to regularly brush and floss their teeth and visit their dentist.

To make this easier for you, you should look for a trusted family dentist, one that knows how to work with children and adults while also providing excellent service! And if you live in North Beacon Hill, Seattle, there’s only one name you need to remember!

Summit Dental Care is known around the area for its complete family dentistry services, from regular teeth cleaning to gum disease treatment. In particular, the team at Summit works with kids who suffer from extreme anxiety while visiting their dentist, making every effort to make younger clients feel safe and comfortable.

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The services consider the unique dental needs of pediatric patients. Unlike most adults, younger children have more difficulty relaxing when they are upset or anxious. This may prevent them from receiving the best possible dental care they need, especially if they currently have periodontal disease.

The experienced family dentists at Summit know how to make younger patients feel at ease with their dental procedures. Apart from regular cleanings and exams, dentists can also monitor the child’s development and offer guidance for improved self-care. Younger patients, especially, are recommended to schedule their routine check-ups every six months.

It’s the perfect family dentist for young families! Just step inside to notice the difference - you’ll find no cold colors or scary pictures here! Everything in this home-like dental clinic is sure to make your kids feel more comfortable and happier.

Summit Dental Care is led by Dr. NamThien Vu, DDS. Dr. Vu and his team provide regular dental exams and cleanings. These preventative care procedures include the removal of excess plaque from the teeth and prevent tooth and gum decay. During regular dental exams, the dentists can identify infections and diseases and recommend immediate treatments for them.

A lesser-known service under family dentistry is oral cancer screening. As the name suggests, this service allows a dentist to check for possible signs of cancer. Multiple studies have found that early detection of cancer can significantly improve the chances of recovery. Generally, all patients should receive oral cancer screenings once every year, though more frequent exams may be recommended if there is a family predisposition to cancer.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, "At Summit Dental Care, our mission is to provide the highest quality of comprehensive dental care in a professional, caring, and comfortable environment. We strive to support our patient's dental needs in a positive and informative manner. We aim to make you feel at home and enjoy coming to see us."

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