Best Hiring Marketplace With CRM Helps Growing Companies Find Top Talent

Mar 17, 2023

Are you looking for dynamic contingent workforce hiring solutions as an alternative to costly internal recruitment campaigns? Prosperix Hiring Marketplace will automatically curate the best candidates for your open positions!

Best Hiring Marketplace With CRM Helps Growing Companies Find Top Talent

Experience the agility and resilience of an external workforce through Prosperix’s hiring platform and talent nurturing systems - sign up today and start posting job listings!

The Prosperix Hiring Marketplace integrates talent CRM (candidate relationship management) tools, which engage with and nurture the best candidates to optimize their capabilities and improve your hiring outcomes.

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The workforce solutions provider can help you coordinate your recruitment and onboarding processes while keeping your costs low. It leverages dynamic job-matching algorithms that connect suppliers and candidates across the marketplace ecosystem.

"Our AI algorithms match jobs with candidates, jobs with suppliers, and candidates with suppliers (in all directions) in real-time across the Hiring Marketplace," explained a spokesperson. "This ensures that suppliers are aligned with the candidates and jobs that are the most suitable to them based on their skills, location and prior success. All of this means that you can hire quickly and more efficiently, reducing time-to-hire significantly."

Once you post a listing for a position in the marketplace, the system scans its network of talent pools and suppliers to find and curate candidates that best fit your requirements. All candidates are screened and qualified based on past performance and real-time metrics. This means you can reduce the time-to-hire since you will not need to manage the vetting process.

This data-driven approach to building external workforces distributes jobs based on the candidate's past success, location, and skillsets. Through the online marketplace, you can access talent on-demand to scale your workforce as your operations grow. Plus, the platform can be configured to mirror your company’s existing hiring processes to minimize the internal recruitment workload.

As part of its concierge-level service, Prosperix can become the Employer of Record (EOR), undertaking tasks such as payroll preparation, processing, and distribution; employment taxes and unemployment administration.

A satisfied client said, “Prosperix’s is a robust, end-to-end offering that is built for and aligned with today’s agile business environment, especially considering its wide range of innovative technologies.”

Watch your business prosper with Prosperix! Whether you need to fill full-time positions, find the best talent for contract jobs, or need top professionals from technical categories, you can do it all in one place with Prosperix.

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