VMS Network For Contingent Workers: Making Recruitment Faster For Businesses

May 26, 2023

Struggling to hire qualified and high-performing contingent workers? Then check out Prosperix’s VMS network for contract workers!

Need to hire contingent workers? Then be sure to tap Prosperix’s innovative and cost-efficient VMS network!

The company’s supplier network offers you a broader range of applicants to choose from and empowers you to select the candidate that best fits your job opening. You will gain access to national talent suppliers, local recruiters, and RPO companies, among other talent suppliers through the VMS network.

Learn more by visiting https://prosperix.com/vendor-management-system

In today's business landscape, contingent workers are becoming increasingly important if you want your business to remain agile and flexible. As such, Prosperix's VMS network helps you manage your contingent hiring programs more effectively, providing you with the talent you need to stay competitive.


Using AI algorithms, Prosperix's platform automatically matches suppliers to jobs based on three criteria: profile, talent pool, and past performance. This makes the hiring process more efficient and effective, saving you valuable time and resources.


In addition, Prosperix's VMS Network includes real-time reports and analytics for each talent supplier. Specifically, they are given a scorecard that takes into account key performance indicators (KPIs) such as candidate coverage, job performance, and spending management. So, you can quickly assess which vendor can best fulfill your staffing mandate.


You can likewise customize your hiring workflow so it aligns with your current recruitment process. The VMS Network also offers full access to sourcing, applicant tracking, CRM, and talent pool management capabilities. With the platform’s easy configuration and setup, you can publish jobs and begin shortlisting possible talent suppliers in minutes.

A spokesperson says: "We're thrilled to expand our supplier network so we can better help you find the best contingent workers for your needs. Prosperix is committed to providing you with the tools you need to succeed in today's fast-paced business world."


Prosperix is a workforce innovation company that provides tech-powered solutions that enable companies to build high-performing teams. Its platform gives business access to exceptional talents, both local and international. Since its inception, the company has worked with prominent clients such as Walmart, NBCUniversal, and KPMG.

If you need to hire contingent workers on the double, let Prosperix be of assistance! Learn more about its VMS Network and start building a world-class workforce!

You may visit https://prosperix.com/vendor-management-system for further details.

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