Best Health Coach For Sugar Addiction Jodi Dotson Updates Her Coaching Program

Aug 11, 2021

Jodi Dotson offers practical tips to reduce sugar from your diet. The registered health coach recently updated her health management coaching classes for those wanting to improve their eating habits.

Yes, we know. That tub of ice cream felt good for the moment, but your body will pay for this tomorrow. But don’t beat yourself up about it: we have the best health coach for you.

This compassionate nutritionist helps you recover from your sugar addiction. You may not realize that one of the main causes of your lethargy and weight gain is your dependence on artificial sugars.

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The updated coaching program teaches you how to properly identify unhealthy sugars and remove it from your diet. According to Dotson, the typical American consumes roughly three pounds of sugar each week. That translates to roughly 152 pounds of sugar each year.

Experts agree that added sugars negatively affect health and contribute to weight issues and other conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. In fact, the American Heart Association (AHA) has recommended cutting back to a maximum of nine teaspoons of sugar for men and six teaspoons of sugar for women and children over two each day.

Dotson is a registered health coach in the state and helps you return to a healthier lifestyle through practical and realistic diets. Instead of short-term success, Dotson explains that her coaching plans focus on the long-term. Still, she encourages you to record small milestones in your health journey to keep you motivated.

One of the more insidious contributors to poor health is sugar addiction, says Dotson. The health coach explains that many people remain unaware of how much sugar they are consuming each day.

She updated her health management coaching to highlight daily habits that contribute to sugar dependence. One such habit is eating out regularly. When you make your food from scratch, you are able to control how much sugar you are taking.

Another habit that may be contributing to sugar addiction is emotional eating. The health coach discusses the connection between sugary foods and the release of endorphins. She says that emotional eaters are at the highest risk of developing a sugar dependence.

Dotson updated her coaching programs to help more people live happier, healthier lives. She stresses that eating nutritious meals can be delicious and guides you towards a sugar-limited diet.

Life is sweeter when your body is healthier. Schedule a call with Dotson today.

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