Best Grey Silk Pillowcases In Oxford Style: Beauty Sleep, Soft Hair, No Wrinkles

May 26, 2023

Get the beauty sleep you deserve with environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, pure silk pillowcases from Mayfairsilk. Goodbye sleep creases and damaged hair; hello waking up rejuvenated with youthful skin! Available in classic colours to match your bedroom decor.

Everyone is always saying that getting a good night’s sleep is the best thing you can do for your health and beauty. So can someone please tell me why I look like THIS after a full night of “beauty sleep”?!

Ok, you can’t see it, but I’m gesturing manically at my frizzy birds nest hair, the dark circles under my eyes and my dried out skin. And wrinkles?! No, this goes way beyond wrinkles. The bed sheets are wrinkled. My face is, honestly, folded. There is a huge crease running from my forehead to my jawline and the indentation of three embroidered flowers on my cheek.

Experience tells me that this should all have faded by my second cup of coffee, but only if I break out the face roller and lotions ASAP. It’s costing me a fortune in skin creams just to get back to “bedtime exhaustion face”. What’s a girl to do?! Wouldn’t I just love to be one of those wake up, fresh faced and rejuvenated types?!

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OK, I’m going to level with you: that first part was a word-for-word rant I had with my very put together bestie over (yet another) morning coffee last week. Sat next to her, I felt like an old potato sack but she actually had a solution for my wrinkly woes: Mayfairsilk’s pure silk pillowcases.

I scoffed. Nah-ah. I had a set of silky satin sheets during my student days and those things were nasty, slidey and just felt cheap. I’d rather have the wrinkles and at least sleep in relative comfort, thank you very much.

No, she said. Forget about those old gaudy things. This Mayfairsilk pillowcase is chic, sophisticated, pure Momme Mulberry silk and it’s designed for giving you your best beauty sleep.

Did you know that your pillowcase absorbs moisture while you sleep? It literally leeches it out of your skin whilst you dream. What a nightmare! So that’s where all my fancy face creams went: the pillow ate them! No wonder my skin is looking so creased and dried out.

Not only that, my friend told me, the smooth surface texture of silk helps to reduce hair frizz, tangles and breakages, meaning you wake with more lustrous hair. Finally, it all started to make sense - I swear that girl never has a split end in sight!

Also, Mayfairsilk offer a 30-day sleep guarantee with each purchase, so you can try it for yourself risk-free!

I hopped online and ordered one for myself: a beautiful oyster grey pillowcase in the Oxford style to match my minimalist room. Well, I say minimalist… does it count if you’ve got half your wardrobe flung over a low-lying Ikea couch? Anyway, my pillowcase arrived in record time and it has changed my life. Just look at me!

Oh - yeah. You can’t see me. Ok well, trust me, I look good. Not a face-fold in sight!

And I’ll tell you what: not only is my Mayfairsilk pillowcase good for my hair and skin. It’s good for the environment too. Mayfairsilk takes pride in its commitment to the community and the environment, championing sustainable and ethical practices. The materials used in their silk pillowcases are sustainable and Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, ensuring they are free from toxic chemicals and dyes. The pillow is not only produced sustainably but is fully biodegradable and can be composted when it is no longer of use. Guilt-free beauty for the win!

So get the beauty sleep you deserve and actually wake-up looking better than you did the night before! Order your pillowcase now at

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