Best FDA-Approved Ketamine IV Therapy In Dartmouth For PTSD Symptom Reduction

Apr 17, 2023

If you’re a military veteran struggling with treatment-resistant depression or PTSD, Thrive IV offers FDA-approved ketamine IV treatment that can bring you permanent relief. You deserve to have your health and wellness back. Today is the perfect day to get started.

Best FDA-Approved Ketamine IV Therapy In Dartmouth For PTSD Symptom Reduction

Have you been prescribed pharmaceuticals to treat your depression or PTSD and still not found relief? For military veterans, this is an all-too-common story.

Luckily, Thrive IV in Dartmouth offers the most clinically effective FDA-approved therapy for treatment-resistant depression: Ketamine IV therapy.

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✶ Treatment-Resistant Depression ✶

Up to about 60% of patients treated with adequately dosed antidepressants have an inadequate response. Since the rate of depression in military veterans is markedly higher than for average Americans, they experience a higher risk of developing treatment-resistant depression as well.

Veterans struggling with this condition often experience feelings of worthlessness or guilt, suicidal ideations, difficulty concentrating, and impaired sleep, among other symptoms. Without proper sleep, other symptoms can worsen, and the probability of vets self-medicating with alcohol or other harmful recreational drugs increases.

✶ How Thrive IV Can Help ✶

Thrive IV's ketamine IV treatments offer military veterans who have not previously responded well to antidepressants, a treatment option that has been successful for 70-80% of patients.

Most patients begin with a series of six ketamine IV infusions over a 2-3 week period. Depending on a patient's response, the doctor may add medications, vitamins, and nutrients to their infusions to enhance the positive effect of the treatments.

The clinic's primary physician, Dr. Michael Pellegrino, and his team can work with you during an in-depth consultation to review your history and symptoms and determine the best treatment options for your unique case.

Thrive IV strives to make patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their ketamine IV treatment sessions. Patients receive their treatment seated in a soft recliner with a blanket, in a pleasantly lit room with calming, positive music playing.

The Thrive IV team will monitor your vital signs during the treatment and adjust the infusion based on your response. So, you can relax and trust that the experts at Thrive IV are doing all they can to optimize your chance of finally finding permanent relief.

✶ Live And Thrive With Thrive IV ✶

Located in Dartmouth, MA, Thrive IV is dedicated to providing specialized Ketamine IV treatments and quality vitamin and nutrient infusions to the local community to help combat mental distress and promote overall wellness. The clinic's primary physician, Dr. Michael Pellegrino, has been serving the southeastern Massachusetts area since 1996 and has studied the use and benefits of Ketamine for many years.

Thrive IV treats patients suffering from fibromyalgia, CRPS, Reflex sympathetic pain, postpartum depression, anxiety, and more.

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