Best Essential Oils For Anxiety & Sleep Issues In Children: Parent’s Guide

Mar 29, 2024

With this guide from InsightAroma, you can learn the best essential oils to help with your kids’ anxiety – with expert tips for dilution, and the top options for symptom relief.

You don’t have to rely on medication to help with your children’s anxiety. According to this guide from InsightAroma, with essential oils, you can take a holistic approach and get some great results. When it comes to your little ones’ daily wellbeing and sleep at night, every bit of assistance helps!

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Natural anxiety relief

While there are numerous treatment options for anxiety, many of them come with a range of side effects that can be concerning. For example, benzodiazepines are often prescribed for anxiety, but these medications come with a serious risk of addiction and can cause confusion, dizziness, and impaired coordination. By contrast, essential oils are natural, non-invasive, and can help to ease stress and anxiety safely, explains InsightAroma.

In a recent study published by Alternative and Integrative Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal for medical research, anxiety patients were divided into two groups, and both groups received an effleurage massage - but only one received aromatherapy treatment. A 30% reduction in anxiety symptoms was recorded for those who received the aromatherapy treatment compared to a 2.6% reduction in those who did not.

Proven symptom relief

The guide suggests several essential oils that can reduce anxiety symptoms in children. Lavender oil is highly recommended for its ability to promote peaceful sleep and calmness, while citrus oils such as orange, mandarin, and bergamot oils are also recommended for their mood-boosting properties.

When purchasing essential oils for your children, the guide notes that you should look for therapeutic-grade products that are 100% pure to ensure their efficacy. Reputable retailers provide detailed information about the purity and potency of their oils, so products lacking this information should be avoided, the author notes.

Keep dilution in mind

Before introducing aromatherapy to your children, you’re encouraged to be aware of the importance of dilution. “As a rule of thumb, for children aged 2-6, a safe dilution is one drop of essential oil to one tablespoon of carrier oil. For older children, you can use a slightly higher concentration, but always err on the side of caution,” a spokesperson for InsightAroma says.

With the right approach, you can have a big impact on your children’s wellbeing.

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