Best Employee Retention Tax Credit Filing Assistance To Avoid Fraudulent Claims

Nov 16, 2023

If you’ve heard about the IRS crackdown on fraudulent ERTC claims, you may be in two minds as to whether or not to apply. The key is working with a trusted, reliable firm – and that’s where ERTC Express can help!

You've probably seen the marketing everywhere, pushing you to claim your ERTC refund. But the IRS is cracking down on fraudulent claims as part of its "new phase" of processing, according to Commissioner Danny Werfel.

So what are you supposed to do? You probably don't even know if you're eligible in the first place, and you CERTAINLY don't want to commit fraud.

Thankfully, Claim Your ERC Recovery, LLC and ERTC Express are here to help. They're trusted by thousands of businesses just like yours to help with the ERTC claims process. And the key thing – they actually get results!

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ERTC Express pre-qualifies your eligibility

The Employee Retention Tax Credit has been amended three times by Congress, which has led to confusion around eligibility, the IRS explains. Some rogue firms are seeking to capitalize on this and aggressive marketing has increased - leading to numerous businesses submitting claims that aren't justified.

"The further we get from the pandemic, we believe the percentage of legitimate claims coming in is declining," Danny Werfel says.

ERTC Express has found that 75% of small businesses are unaware they qualify for ERTC refunds. Since launching, the firm has already secured over $1.3 billion in rebates across sectors through its audit-proof approach. By partnering with them, you can access a proven process that maximizes refund potential, the firm says.

Your application will be ironclad

All applications are overseen by licensed American CPAs who create documentation that stands up to IRS scrutiny. This approach minimizes the risk of errors or follow-up questions that can delay refunds.

Unlike software or payroll companies, ERTC Express does not use any automated tools at any stage of the process. Each application is managed individually - a white-glove service that often yields refunds 40-120% higher than those from large tax prep firms. As an established leader in ERTC filings, ERTC Express can also often secure advance funding for you while applications are processed.

Every application is overseen by 3 different CPAs!

The company uses a unique 'power of three' approach to ensure accuracy: every application passes through three CPAs who each thoroughly cross-check the details, prioritizing accuracy across all documentation.

Betsy W, a recent client, said: "ERTC Express went the extra mile for us, patiently answering our questions. I really appreciate our account manager who guided us through each step of the process."

If you want to check your eligibility and secure a big, fat check from the IRS, get in touch with ERTC Express!

Check out for all your refund needs!

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