Best Drug Treatment Center In La Canada, CA Updates Addiction Outpatient Program

Aug 3, 2021

Aim 4 Recovery (626-602-6735) is a compassionate and holistic drug treatment center for residents in La Cañada, California. It recently updated its outpatient program for teens and adults.

You are stronger than you know – and we celebrate that strength with a treatment program built just for you.

Pasadena-based drug treatment center, Aim 4 Recovery, announces its updated intensive outpatient program (IOP) for residents in La Cañada, California. IOP is a recommended alternative if you want a highly focused addiction treatment while still being able to go home and work.

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The newly updated IOP is aimed to provide a safe, private, and nurturing environment for those suffering from alcohol addiction or substance abuse. The unique outpatient program uses different modalities of treatment, including the traditional 12-step program and alternative therapy such as yoga and meditation.

According to the California Health Care Foundation, around 8% of the state’s population meets the criteria for a substance use disorder. This translates to roughly 2.7 million people who have formed a dependence on an illicit substance and need some sort of medical or family intervention for their recovery.

Nevertheless, these interventions are never easy, says Aim 4 Recovery. The center states that the profile of addicts in the state has changed over the years. Now, those addicted to illegal drugs often lead relatively productive lives, including raising families and working full-time jobs.

This has led to fewer people seeking the help they need because they cannot take time off work. Aim 4 Recovery recognized this predicament and crafted its intensive outpatient treatment program just for you.

The intensive outpatient program features several different types of activities, including anger management, process groups, and 12-step panels, among others. Group sessions are also available, with classes being divided between teens and adults so that you feel more comfortable.

All group therapies have a maximum of 10 participants. During these sessions, a variety of subjects are explored, such as relapse prevention, co-occurring disorders, and management of cravings and triggers.

A spokesperson for the center said, “Our main goal is to help our clients obtain a solid foundation, free from alcohol and drugs, while also developing a plan for future success in all other areas of their lives, as well – body, mind, emotion, and spirit.”

Find the healing you need today. Call for a free consultation with us now at 626-602-6735 to speak with a specialist.

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