Best Dog Trainers in the Dallas Area

Apr 27, 2022

Denton, TX: Mission Critical Dog Training today announced their new dog training services for pet dog owners in the greater Dallas/Ft.

Air Force Military Working Dog Trainers Offer Pet Dog Training

Best Dog Trainers in the Dallas AreaDenton, TX: Mission Critical Dog Training today announced their new dog training services for pet dog owners in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area. Husband and wife dog training team, Wesley and Lauren Cox bring their combined 22 years of professional dog handling experience and passion to work with owners of dogs that need training and behavior help. They were once worked as canine security and detection dog handlers at the American Airlines Center, Lockheed Martin, or many music festivals around the United States.“We never stop learning. Every dog is unique, and I never get tired of figuring out what motivates each dog in their own unique way,” says Lauren, Head Trainer at Mission Critical Dog Training. “ “We can hardly believe that our military working dog experience would bring us to help so many pet dog owners. If I was a kid looking at myself right now, I’d have never dreamed that I’d be able to work with dogs as a grown-up.”Wesley and Lauren Cox bring extensive experience to the work they now do with pet dogs and their owners:Air Force Military Working Dog TrainersSecurity Forces/Military Working Dog TrainersExplosive and Narcotics Detection, Building Clearing, Route Clearing, Psychological DeterrentWorked with Secret Service on Presidential MissionsAnti-Terrorist Missions for FBIFor more information on how Mission Critical Dog Training can help with any training issues, visit their website at .About Mission Critical Dog Training: The most critical mission in dog training is to get results. This family-run company does this through private dog training lessons, in-home board and trains, puppy training and behavior consults. The company philosophy is: Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend.WHY WORK WITH Misson Critical?Mission Critical has trained America’s most elite working dogs. MC dog training journey started with training America’s working-dog heroes while in the United States Air Force, where they were both Military Working Dog Trainers. After serving for 10 years they left the Air Force and took the skills they learned to the private security industry where they work with Explosive Detection K9s to protect the public at Dallas Stars hockey games, Dallas Mavericks basketball games and concerts at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas as well as F-35 production at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth Texas and the printing of U.S. Dollars at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth Texas. At the same time, MC began to share the passion for dog training by using it to help the wonderful citizens of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area by teaching people and their dogs how to live a life free of chaos and conflict and replace it with structure and obedience. MC love to see the progression and transformation that dogs and their owners make with these impactful training methods.
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