Best Cottingham Van Panel Laminated Graphics For Advertising On Vehicles

Nov 29, 2023

Transform your wheels and advertise on the go with Todo Designs’ (01482-778-716) valiant van graphic prints.

Whether you want to boost your brand and grow your business or express yourself with stand-out visuals, these Cottingham print and design experts have the van-tastic graphics you need!

From beautiful logos and punchy brand messages to artistic patterns and prints, whatever you choose to display from Todo Designs, you’ll be sure to turn heads when you cruise by!

Check out their selection of wrappable vinyl graphics, logo sticker kits, and Contra Vision window films now

The Best Way To Decorate

Todo Designs’ prints can be applied quickly and easily to transform your vehicle without lengthy spray-painting processes. In addition, the films help to protect its bodywork from chips, scratches, UV damage, and fading.

Show-Stopping Stickers

For businesses that want constant brand exposure, Todo Designs offers DIY Van Sign Graphic Sticker Kits for 1 to 3 panels. With this option, you can display your contact details and existing logo or work with the company’s graphic artists to create a design.

Once finalised, Todo Designs will transfer your artwork onto matt laminated exterior-grade vinyl designed to withstand outdoor conditions for 5-7 years. Typically made from polymeric material with a high molecular weight and stability, exterior-grade vinyl is resistant to shrinkage, cracking, and peeling.

To order your kit, you should provide the make, model, year, and colour of your van. Todo Designs' stickers are suitable for transits and other similar panel vans. For more details go to

Protective Transit Advertising

Another choice for privacy and solar glare protection is the company’s One Way Vision Window Vinyl Film DIY Kit. These perforated decals enable high-impact visuals to be viewed on a van’s rear window whilst clear vision is maintained from the inside.

Your Vehicle is Your Canvas

To personalise vehicles with eye-catching imagery, you can choose from Todo Designs' pre-made Stormtrooper back panel stickers and a variety of vinyl bonnet wraps for VWs, T4s, T5s, and T6s. Design choices span union jacks, together with blue, orange, and red flames, and burning skulls.

Todo Designs provides expertise in branding, printing, and merchandise for commercial customers and individuals throughout the Cottingham-Hull area. Products can be ordered online or at the Cottingham shop.

A satisfied customer said: “Todo Designs provides a fantastic, creative, and efficient service. The signage we received was of a very high standard and looks absolutely amazing.”

For the statement van graphic prints you need, call Todo Designs today at 01482-778-716!

To find out more now, go to

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