Best Bulk Peroxide Wipes For Healthcare Centers & Labs | 2023 Top Disinfectants

Mar 25, 2023

Get the best disinfectant products for your clinic, practice, or lab, at affordable bulk rates and with same-day shipping. SurgiMac does it all, and they’re an authorized dealer for all the trusted brands – if they don’t have it, they’ll order it.

Best Bulk Peroxide Wipes For Healthcare Centers & Labs | 2023 Top Disinfectants

Do you know what the worst part about running out of cleaning supplies is?

Every time I go to restock, the lady at the store uses the same joke.

"Can I see some ID sir? These cleaning products are rated Squeegee-13."

Hilarious. The first few times at least - but let me tell you, it's gotten old, and I am never, ever, ever going back - because I found something so much better.

Instead of getting my disinfectants at the nearby medical supply, where the stock is low and the prices are high, I found a local manufacturer and distributor that offers bulk rates.

Stop by their website to see if they have what you need, or to learn more about the bulk rates for professionals, just visit

The company is called SurgiMac, and they're a US-based manufacturer and authorized distributor for several well-known medical and dental supply brands. While they offer a huge range of products, I'm currently focused on their peroxide-based disinfectant wipes, because they make a great all-purpose wipe for the office or the clinic.

Though some products offered by SurgiMac are restricted to medical professionals, each of the peroxide-based disinfectants is also available for home, office, or school use, as well as for clinical settings. Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Wipes are my personal go-to for home use, because they're an affordable, EPA-approved disinfectant that has no additional fragrances, fumes, or bleach, which means they should be safe to use on most surfaces.

SurgiMac also stocks a one-step disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorizer from McKesson that is optimized for use in life science labs and research. These PeroxiGard wipes include a light almond scent and are known to achieve broad-spectrum disinfection in 1 minute, making them useful for areas with frequent physical contact, and fast room turnover times.

Not sure what you need? That's no problem.

Every disinfectant product from SurgiMac is fully explained on the company’s website, with detailed guides from the manufacturers and any relevant governing bodies, such as the EPA. You can also request more information about individual products, group rates, and bulk options for healthcare providers, by contacting a SurgiMac representative.

As an authorized dealer for well-known healthcare brands, including Metrex, PDI, and McKesson, SurgiMac allows local clinics and dental practices to access these products at bulk rates, with reduced delivery times. Using local manufacturing and distribution facilities located across the USA, they provide same-day shipping for most products, as long as your orders are placed before Noon EST.

A SurgiMac spokesperson explained, “We are committed to offering unbeatable customer service, so customers have the assurance that our products have been carefully inspected and tested to provide optimized and reliable performance.”

Sure, there are other options for medical and dental supplies, but none of them offer the full range of benefits that SurgiMac does.

Get your supplies from a trusted, authorized dealer, that manufactures and distributes medical supplies from right in the USA. Just don't forget to sign up for your bulk discount, and ask them about their same-day shipping.

Whatever you need for your clinic, dental practice, or hospice, SurgiMac's got it. Just visit

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