Best Autism & Mental Health NDIS Counselling For Women & Girls In Mile End, AU

Mar 17, 2022

Victoria Riviere Counselling (0406-160-943) is committed to helping women with autism in Mile End, Australia find the help and mentoring they need. The trusted mental health counsellor offers general counselling exclusively for females.

Best Autism & Mental Health NDIS Counselling For Women & Girls In Mile End, AU

Hey, there, gorgeous! Thank you for taking the time to look for a counsellor for your little girl. We know how scary it can be – so the fact that you’re even here is already a step in the right direction.

We’re so proud of you!

According to Autism Awareness Australia, autism in girls is not as easily detected as in boys. The condition often goes unrecognised until adulthood, especially in verbally fluent girls with normal intelligence. Helping more parents find help for their children, we at Victoria Riviere Counselling announce that our NDIS services have been updated.

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We give you access to timely and accurate mentoring so that you can take the necessary steps to teach your children, particularly on social and community participation. Experts note that one of the many reasons why boys with autism are more likely to be diagnosed is because they tend to display outwardly challenging behaviours, compared to girls, who use masking behaviours.

You should watch for certain characteristics of girls with autism, especially with level 1 presentations and level 2 presentations. This includes a strong imagination, a desire to arrange and organise objects, and not wanting to play cooperatively with other female peers. If a child is suspected to be on the autism spectrum, it is recommended for them to see a health professional as soon as possible.

We specialise in mental health and autism spectrum level 1 and 2 presentations in girls and women. NDIS participants will be provided with counselling and mentoring services that are appropriate to their needs.

You can book an appointment in person or through telehealth. This allows Victoria Riviere to see more people, and for patients to feel more relaxed with her. She explains that for many, seeing a counsellor is a scary experience, particularly for young women who often are told that showing emotions is “dramatic” and “acting like a girl”.

The service is entirely female-focused. We offer bespoke counselling services and general mental health support exclusively to teen girls and women.

Victoria writes, "You’re in the right place and I’m proud of you for taking the first step to improving your overall health and mental wellbeing. Your journey to living an empowered and positive life, starts here."

If you are, or suspect your loved one to be, on the autism spectrum, please contact us today so that we can find the perfect management program for you.

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