Best 2020 Price for Macallan 18 Sherry Oak at Dram Good Stuff Whisky Shop Hong Kong

Feb 11, 2020

Dram Good Stuff released a new stock of Macallan 18 Years Sherry Oak along with the new 2020 price. Visit their shop to check out the best collection of Macallan whisky in Hong Kong.

Dram Good Stuff, a Premier Whisky Retail Shop in Hong Kong is celebrating a stellar year in its online whisky sales by announcing the release of new stock of the Macallan 18 Years Sherry Oak single malt Scotch whisky.

For more information on the new price for Macallan 18 visit

The Macallan has been reported to consistently be one of the world’s top selling single malts and is definitely the number one selling whisky brand at Dram Good Stuff.

Dram Good Stuff in Hong Kong has announced that the price of the Macallan 18 Years Sherry Oak single malt Scotch whisky will be HKD 2,350. The huge jump in sales and projections for 2020 reiterate the excitement and enthusiasm for the Macallan Whisky brand in Hong Kong.

According to Dram Good Stuff, the inspiration of their project is to taste only the best stuff and thus make informed recommendations to all whisky enthusiasts. This is reflected in all aspects of their business including their strong partnership with various Distilleries in Scotland such as The Macallan.

The Macallan distillery is located in the Scottish Highlands of Moray along the River Spey. A high percentage of all whisky at the distillery is matured in European Oak that has previously held Spanish Sherry while the balance is usually aged in American Oak previously used by the Bourbon industry in USA.

The most approachable dram in their portfolios is the 12-year-old while one of the industry’s most respected is the fabulous 18 years old Macallan whisky.

In 2019, a single bottle of the 1926 vintage sold for over a Million Pounds !! Needless to say, The Macallan has consistently broken many such world records and will undoubtedly continue to do so for both bottles and entire casks.

Dram Good Stuff in Hong Kong stocks an extensive selection of the Macallan single malt whisky. They offer curation services to build private VIP collections and offer competitive event prices for large scale ballroom extravaganzas, private parties or corporate tastings.

Dram Good Stuff’s extensive Macallan collection can be viewed here

Dram Good Stuff offers regular tastings on premise and is happy to conduct private whisky palate profiling sessions so clients can discover what they truly enjoy for themselves through a step by step whisky tasting session.

Dram Good Stuff is your one stop whisky shop in Hong Kong – a magical window into the wonderful world of single malt whisky and access to the very best of this liquid gold.

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