Belltown Top Cosmetic Dentist Offers Invisalign to Straighten Crooked Teeth

Apr 15, 2024

Stop feeling self-conscious about your smile and straighten out your crooked teeth with Invisalign clear braces at Summit Dental Care (206-292-9980) in Belltown!

Discreet Teeth Straightening With Invisalign In Belltown

You know what they say: everything goes better with a smile. But if you have crooked teeth, walking around smiling all day probably sounds quite daunting. Luckily, if you live in Belltown, there's a perfect solution to get your confidence back. At Summit Dental Care, you can get your teeth straightened with Invisalign clear braces, the discreet orthodontic alternative to traditional metal braces.

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Even if you would love to straighten your crooked teeth, just the idea of wearing metal braces can put you off from going through with treatment. By offering clear braces, Summit Dental Care wants to help you and other Belltown patients get beautiful smiles you feel proud to show off.

"Many individuals will neglect to receive proper alignment treatment for their teeth because they dislike the wires and brackets that are used with traditional braces," a spokesperson for the company said. "However, in recent years, clear aligners have emerged as a very popular form of oral appliance that allows the patient to receive alignment treatment without anyone knowing they are using oral corrective devices."

Teeth Straightening- Not Just About Looks

According to an article from Dentistry Today, almost 30% of participants in a study said they don't smile in photos due to the appearance of their smile, and over 80% felt self-conscious about the way their teeth looked in pictures. Furthermore, the American Association of Orthodontists says that crooked teeth can make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene and increase the risk of cavities and gum diseases, underlining how teeth straightening can improve both your health and self-esteem.

How the Invisalign Treatment Works

Summit Dental Care estimates that an Invisalign treatment takes approximately 12-18 months to achieve final results. During that time, you will wear between 12-48 sets of clear aligners that are changed every two weeks. To save you valuable time, Dr. Vu will arrange so that you can bring enough molds with you home so that you only need to come back every 3-4 months.

More Cosmetic Dentistry Services Offered at Summit Dental Care

Other cosmetic dentistry services offered at Summit Dental Care include veneers and teeth whitening. The clinic also provides Belltown and surrounding neighborhoods with pediatric care, dental implants, restorative dentistry, and more.

A satisfied patient shared a testimonial: "Dr. Vu has always made my dental experience easy and enjoyable," Alain said. "I consider myself very lucky to have found such a compassionate and knowledgeable dentist, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dentist in the Seattle area."

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