Beginner-Friendly Productivity Tool: Turn PDF & Scan Form Data To Excel Sheets

Dec 24, 2022

Do you have endless forms that you need to input into Excel? Automate the process with Form to Excel today!

Beginner-Friendly Productivity Tool: Turn PDF & Scan Form Data To Excel Sheets

Don't bog yourself down with too many administrative tasks, and make transposing form data to Excel easier with this online tool that can be used even by beginners!

Form to Excel can transpose data from PNG, JPG/JPEG, TIFF, and PDF files and produce a CSV file with all the form data extracted accurately. The CSV file will allow users to express the data in a tabular format like Excel worksheets.

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Leave tedious, repetitive tasks to AI software so you can use your time more productively and focus on tasks that cannot be automated, like sales, customer service, or creative work.

Form to Excel provides high-quality extraction for a wide variety of file types. Getting the CSV file is simple - you only need to submit your documents and wait for the file to become available for download.

According to Form to Excel, there are two types of data extraction tools - full and incremental. Full extraction is where the data is transposed as is, without any logic or existing conditions in the source system. The process is similar to a “dump” and is most useful when you need to see any general changes made in the data over a specific amount of time. Incremental data, on the other hand, is organized and logical and is most useful for data analysis and recording.

The SaaS company further explains that its online tool focuses more on incremental data. The software analyzes and identifies form data, then organizes it into a file that can be transferred into tables.

Take, for example, medical forms at the doctor’s clinic. Form to Excel can capture information like name, age, and condition/complaint within the forms, so instead of you going through the data in the forms one by one and inputting them into the worksheet, the software does it for you. If you have a business and you want to make an inventory of your goods and materials, you can also upload PDFs or photos of your lists and receive a CSV file with the data already sorted.

The company’s software is currently being beta tested, so they might keep your files for 45 days to help enhance the accuracy of the online tool. The documents are tested internally and anonymously and are not shared with any party outside the company.

Make data management easy!

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