Become A School Chaplain & Earn A Teacher’s Salary With This Training Course

Jan 31, 2023

Are you looking for a career that is rewarding and impactful on society? The National School Chaplain Association offers chaplaincy training courses that will enable you to help children and teenagers in public schools.

Become A School Chaplain & Earn A Teacher’s Salary With This Training Course

Helping children and teenagers conquer their mental health problems and bringing them closer to God is a challenging but rewarding job. If you feel this vocation calling you, look no further than the National School Chaplain Association. They offer several courses that not only train you for chaplaincy, but also count toward your bachelor's or associate's degree.

The training program is open for college students who want to pursue a career in chaplaincy and earn a teacher’s salary while still studying. The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) will also be responsible for matching chaplains with local schools.

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Chaplains serve as a safe space for students to air out their struggles, whether it is academic or personal. According to the NSCA, one of the biggest problems in the school system today is that students are expected to deal with big, confusing emotions on their own instead of providing them with the care and support they need.

In countries worldwide, most schools do not employ a counselor or psychologist who can conduct regular mental health checkups with the students. The NSCA explains that, as a result, students have a lot of pent-up stress, frustration, and anger, and they manifest these feelings in negative behaviors such as disrespect for authority and poor performance in school.

There are three levels of training offered, depending on your skill and experience. Ordained ministers and chaplains with credentials in another country or state qualify for Level One. This requires very minimal training and focuses more on placement and feedback.

Level Two is a 48-hour course open to teachers and those with experience working with children and teenagers. This course is spread out over eight weeks, with an average of six hours of classes every week. Oklahoma State University, in collaboration with the NSCA, will be hosting the course, and you will get one college credit hour and three CEU credits if you complete the program.

Level Three is recommended for those without any chaplain certification or teaching experience, including college students who want to earn their accreditation while earning their degree. The course lasts for a year and serves as the first year of your bachelor’s or associate’s degree.

Why get stuck in a boring office job without any real impact on society? Enrich your life and the lives of children and teenagers by offering them the mental health and spiritual care they desperately need in today's overwhelming world.

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