Become A Professional Life Coach With This Faith-Based Training Program!

Jun 16, 2021

A new report that provides advice on how to choose the correct Christian coach training is available through Lifeforming. The company helps people to select affordable and results-driven programs.

Find the best Christian coach training course and learn all the skills you need to become an inspirational faith-based life coach with the new report from coach training company Lifeforming!

The informative report, Nine Essential Deliverables To Look For From Any Christian Coaching Training, is best suited to people who are interested in providing Christian coaching at home, at work, or in church. The report helps aspiring coaches find an accredited training program that will allow them to launch a successful Christian coaching career.

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The company provides a detailed overview of the most important factors to consider when you are selecting a course and how to choose a program that’s based on your life purpose. It also explains the difference between different certificates and accreditations.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “These nine core points will save you time, money, and stress in your search for what is affordable, achievable, and accessible. The best training will also train you to get clients that pay for your training as you take it.”

Nine well-researched points are included as part of the launch. They include prioritizing programs that align with biblical values and worldview, have a long-standing reputation, and have been awarded a third-party accreditation. 

You are also advised to select training programs that are community-focused, transformational, and results-driven. The report says you should also ask if a faith-based training program is affordable, accessible, and achievable before enrolling.

The company’s training programs meet all nine points on the checklist. They provide Accelerated Coach Training that is conducted over the course of fifteen weeks. It helps you to become an accredited coach and features a mix of workshops, coaching sessions, and group training. 

Upon completion, you will help people achieve sustainable and transformational change in their lives. You will also become a Certified Lifeforming Associate Coach, and achieve 60 credits towards the International Coach Federation certification.

Lifeforming provides certified Christian coaching training, both online and in-person. They have trained over ten thousand life coaches, ministry coaches, pastors, community leaders, and more. They provide training in 29 countries.

Do you want to become a certified Christian life coach?

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