Beauty & Hair Salon Marketing Expert UK Featheredge Medias New Free Report

Apr 14, 2024

UK-based Featheredge Media is offering salons a free personalized online visibility guide for a limited time.

Beauty & Hair Salon Marketing Expert UK Featheredge Medias New Free Report

A free personalised online visibility guide is available for a limited time from UK-based Featheredge Media to salons of any size. In this report, you can measure your businesses' online visibility and help to sell the services you would like to sell more of to your ideal customers.

If you are interested you can claim your free report at

As well as identifying opportunities for growth that you may have missed in the past, the report aims to assist you in improving your business. Aside from the free report, Featheredge Media helps businesses grow by creating a comprehensive plan based on the report. Unlike other plans, this one requires minimal input from you, so you can continue to focus on your business.

Featheredge Media has made the report (usually £99) freely available to salons in the beauty industry to help you make an impact online. It makes no difference whether your business is big or small, as long as you want to grow and are willing to take on more work, you are welcome to claim the report today.

You will receive a comprehensive report featuring a specific focus on your current online visibility as well as what needs to be improved. In a statement, a representative from Featheredge Media said "In a market that is this competitive, it is critical to be able to easily locate opportunities for growth and maintain good online visibility. Likewise, in a world that is becoming more digital, being seen online is the best place for any salon to attract more customers and grow. Most salon owners are busy working on their day-to-day jobs and don't have the time to take a step back and think about how they can grow. This is where we come in."

We spoke to featheredge media on this and they let us know, "We are expanding our efforts across the UK and want to give small businesses the opportunity to see how visible they currently are compared to where they could be. Salon owners should be eager to take advantage of the free report as it will give them a step above their competitors and help them start getting more customers they enjoy working with."

As a cutting-edge, caring company founded in 2019, Featheredge Media really works to meet the needs of clients. As a small business growth company, they are known for always putting their client's needs first and focusing on what can really help their clients succeed.

Following the report's creation, Featheredge Media's team will contact the requester to discuss areas for improvement. Their services can also assist the business owner in improving their current online visibility from where it is to where they want it to be.

You can learn more at

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