Beautiful Snowy Winter Scene Shower Curtains Created by Jazz Singer Sarah James

Jun 27, 2024

Give your bathroom a frosty touch with the winter scene shower curtain from Sarah James Jazz Merch! In the artist’s collection, you’ll find a range of unique photographs to match the season or your mood!

Seasonal Shower Curtains Designed by Jazz Artist

Does your bathroom need a makeover? Good news! It doesn't have to be expensive or even hard! Sarah James Jazz Merch has a big selection of shower curtains featuring her original photo art, including a snowy forest for winter lovers.

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The snowy winter scene was captured by New York artist Sarah James in Hudson Valley. This photo art curtain is perfect as a seasonal decoration to give your bathroom a personal touch or to bring a winter vibe to your showers if you're a snow lover.

Unique Products With a Unique Story

Sarah James launched her e-commerce brand Sarah James Jazz Merch during the pandemic as a way to express her artistic side when live shows were prohibited. All photos are taken by Sarah herself, making them one-of-a-kind home decor objects with an interesting history.

Celebrate Winter With Snowy Photo and Poem

The winter scene shower curtain portrays new-fallen snow in a secluded forest, depicting the feeling of muffled footsteps and fresh air. It also features one of Sarah's poems, which celebrates the wonders of the ever-changing nature.

"This shower curtain is meant for you to get ready to hit the slopes. Perfect for your city home or your country home. Perk up your bathroom seasonally; this shower curtain welcomes all winter activities and is a perfect complement to your Holidays," Sarah said.

The shower curtains are made of machine-washable polyester and are available in size 71 × 74 inches and have 12 button holes for easy installation.

Big Selection for All Styles

The nature-inspired shower curtain collection features everything from summery bouquets to a wolf and some personal objects, like a Buddha and a sculpture of the Egyptian goddess Isis with crystals. It also has a photo of one of Sarah's favorite NYC street art photos, of a highly-detailed fiery girl with the tag "Keep It Lit."

"I have always loved taking photos. I love nature photography and catching flowers, the woods, bees, the sky, sunsets, the snow, and more. I created a whole line of shower curtains because I wanted a big space to show off the gorgeous colors and interesting shapes of nature," Sarah said.

About Sarah James

After touring the country as a jazz musician in the 70s, Sarah James returned to the East Coast and has since been an active jazz singer and artist, still performing regularly at NYC establishments. In addition to her e-commerce and jazz singer career, Sarah is currently working on a recording of her poems and a documentary about jazz musicians.

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