Beat Burnout & Stress: 10-Day Mozambique SOMA Breathwork & Visualization Retreat

Apr 9, 2024

Feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or drained from always giving so much of yourself? Go With The Glow’s 10-day SOMA breathwork retreat in Mozambique will help you restore your serenity and create a settled, lasting energy you can bring to your whole life.

For hard-working people with lots of responsibility and dependents, burnout and overwhelm may feel inevitable. Still, you can learn to cultivate inner tranquility no matter the situation.

Restore your mental & spiritual well-being at Go With The Glow's SOMA breathwork retreat! Go to to learn more!

This unique, 10-day retreat in Mozambique is perfect for individuals who spend much of their time taking care of others, and for those experiencing overwhelm, burnout, or major life changes.

A Bit About SOMA Breathwork

SOMA breathwork is a meditation and rhythmic breathing technique that draws from the ancient foundations of pranayama and yoga while integrating brainwave music. It is considered to be a cutting-edge method for retraining the brain and nervous system to maintain healthy homeostasis, even when under duress.

This technique is meant to create a state of deep relaxation and awareness in participants, which the team at Go With The Glow believes will contribute to making lasting positive changes in their lives post-retreat.

Now You Can Go With The GLOW!

Go With The Glow's 10-day Mozambique retreat will run from November 23rd to December 2nd, with the first five days in Gorongosa National Park. From here, you'll travel to Vilanculos, a coastal town in Mozambique, where you'll partake in snorkeling and island exploration by boat in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Throughout this special retreat, you will engage in safaris, hiking, and once-in-a-lifetime immersive cultural experiences, along with your SOMA breathwork and guided visualization sessions.

At night, you can expect to engage in journaling paired with Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), developed to promote deep, healthy sleep. Other activities include an excursion to Mount Gorongosa, a canoe trip through the wetlands, a trip in a local boat called a dhow, local market shopping, and more!

The retreat cost covers all your accommodations, including four exciting nights of wild camping and five nights of relaxing beach stays. You'll also enjoy delicious meals with your fellow retreat members and various celebratory, conscious community gatherings.

Why Go With The Glow

Go With The Glow crafts unique retreats at hand-picked locations around the world. With every retreat, the company's mission is to ensure participants "leave with renewed energy, a warm glow, clearer focus, and the mindset needed to continue their transformation."

Learn more about Go With The Glow and register for the 10-day SOMA breathwork retreat today by visiting

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