1st Trimester Of Pregnancy Spinal Alignment & Spine Pain Relief Guide

May 13, 2024

If you’re in the first trimester of your pregnancy and are experiencing spinal pain or alignment problems, check out this new guide from Align Wellness Center, a chiropractic practice in Northbrook, Illinois.

During pregnancy, your body goes through many rapid changes, so a bit of discomfort is to be expected. If you’ve been struggling with back pain or other spinal issues, don’t stress because Align Wellness Center has got your… well, back. Their new guide to protecting spinal health during the first trimester of pregnancy explains what you can do to keep your spine healthy during the crucial first months of your pregnancy.

Go to https://alignwc.com/effective-ways-to-restore-spine-alignment-during-the-first-trimester-of-pregnancy to read the complete guide.

Why Does Pregnancy Cause Spinal Problems?

According to the new guide, pregnancy can alter the body’s natural center of gravity, causing spinal alignment issues and discomfort. This claim is supported by a study published by the NIH that also notes approximately 50% of pregnant women experience lower back pain and spinal alignment issues during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The Importance of Posture & Exercise

To minimize these issues, the guide explains the importance of posture in preventing spinal problems. When pregnant, you should always use chairs with good lumbar support and ensure you keep your back straight when sitting down. Standing up and stretching at least once an hour can also help to reduce pressure on the spine.

The guide also notes that exercise plays a crucial role in maintaining spinal health during pregnancy by improving circulation and flexibility. However, overly strenuous exercise can be harmful to your developing fetus, so low-impact forms of exercise such as swimming, running, and prenatal yoga are recommended.

Professional Treatment Options

When experiencing spinal issues during the first trimester of pregnancy, you should also consult with a healthcare professional as early intervention can prevent spinal alignment problems from worsening. For a non-invasive treatment approach, chiropractic care or physical therapy can resolve spinal alignment issues and alleviate discomfort without the need for surgery.

About Align Wellness Center

Align Wellness Center is a chiropractic practice in Northbrook, Illinois with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. The practice offers free consultations and has extensive experience in assisting pregnant women with spinal alignment issues.

“We specialize in spinal rehabilitation, whiplash treatment, and posture correction,” explains a spokesperson for the practice. “Our practice utilizes multiple chiropractic adjusting techniques, which gives us the ability to tailor our approach to your specific needs and concerns.”

Visit https://alignwc.com/effective-ways-to-restore-spine-alignment-during-the-first-trimester-of-pregnancy today to read the complete guide or schedule a free chiropractic consultation in Northbrook.

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