Basketball Phone Cases With Funny Messages For Kids’ Sports Teams: Bulk Options

Feb 21, 2024

Take your child’s sports team spirit to a whole other level with a personalized iPhone case printed with their basketball team’s branding! Popular fashion brand Jaleja Products makes it easy.

More than a shirt, more than a jacket, what is the one thing today's kids never leave home without? Their iPhone. So, what better way to distinguish kids' basketball team kits than by branding their iPhone cases?! 

Now you can purchase a printed and customized iPhone case for your child's basketball team without breaking the bank when you order in bulk from Jaleja Products, the innovative online store that's always a step ahead of the rest. Order now to get the best deals at


Founded by Lekan and Jacinta Parsons, Jaleja Products' online store keeps it fresh by constantly updating its collections. In support of community sports, the duo has announced an innovative line of basketball-themed iPhone cases you can have branded for your child's sports team!

And here's the best part: these iPhone cases are now available for bulk orders. This means you get the luxury look at the discount price.

Jaleja Products is known for their creative collections. Lines range from t-shirts and hoodies to hats, mugs, tote bags, water bottles, and chef’s aprons, This is a brand that puts a premium on style and, for this reason, is always careful to showcase products that convey the Jaleja aesthetic.

To help you help your kids bring this particular level of distinction to their sports teams, the online store is taking branded uniforms a step further. Get a standout presence that earns space in the minds of your competitors, and pride within the team.

“We are passionate about instilling the values of teamwork and the healthy habits that come with participating in team sports," says Lekan Parsons. "Our new line of basketball-themed iPhone cases provides kids on sports teams with a unique opportunity to personalize their devices while showcasing team pride."


The iPhone cases at Jaleja feature playful and engaging designs that include “U Been Served,” which humorously portrays a basketball served up on a platter, along with the “Got Hoops,” and “Ankle Breaker” designs; none of them subtle; all of them capturing the essence of the game.


Jaleja Products’ collections also include the Music 4 U and U Woke lines, both of which epitomize the brand’s commitment to inclusivity, gratitude, generosity, and living a fervent life. The brand continues to deliver high-quality, fashionable apparel and accessories that resonate as much with GenZ as it does with Generation Alpha and the Boomers.

(The collection cuts an impressive swath.)

All this success is due to Jaleja staying true to its roots and values. Under Lekan's and Jacinta's direction, the store continues to thrive in today's competitive retail fashion sector.

With their cool line of basketball iPhone cases, Jaleja Products not only provides you with cost-effective bulk-priced sports team swag, but they're also empowering kids to showcase unwavering team pride and camaraderie.

Are you ready to help your kids show all the competitors who's in charge on the court (without seriously blowing your household budget)? Get in touch now and place your iPhone case order at

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