B2B Ecommerce Platform For Fitness Brands Streamlines Merch Transactions

Apr 9, 2024

Are you a fitness company hosting a 5k run, or an outdoor recreation company putting together a camping workshop? Whatever event you’re planning, RepSpark’s Microsite tool will make it easy for customers to order your brand’s merchandise.

Fitness. Outdoor recreation. Sports. These industries are all about community and personal connection. If you're throwing an event, it's crucial that customers walk away with positive feelings about your company.

To ensure a successful event, use RepSpark’s Microsite feature. It’s a great tool that streamlines the process of ordering event merchandise. This way, you can spend all your time and energy giving customers the most enjoyable experience.

Check out RepSpark’s event microsite feature here!

Make The Process Of Ordering Event Merchandise Easier

RepSpark wants to make the B2B wholesale process a whole lot easier: as an all-in-one digital solution, its job is to accommodate all brand and buyer needs. This is why it has created a feature that can assist with the different events fitness and outdoor recreation brands host, from expos and workshops to competitions. Now, instead of spending extra time organizing merch for a one-off event, you can use RepSpark's Microsite tool.

A microsite is a web page or small website made to promote a company's products, services, campaigns, events, or entire brand. Even though it's created to serve a specific brand, a microsite operates as a separate entity. With RepSpark's Microsite, you can curate and sell your custom event merchandise without the hassle of reorganizing your main website or catalog.

Save More Time Behind The Scenes

With RepSpark's Microsite feature, you will have modern design templates for direct-to-consumer websites, customization options for event logos, and credit card payment processing. The tool is also mobile-friendly and requires zero coding.

RepSpark's Microsite saves time during event planning by automating office tasks behind the scenes, removing the need to track individual orders, while massively reducing the chance of human error.

Through the RepSpark Microsite tool, customers attending your event will have an easy way to receive an assortment of your curated products with your brand's signature logo.

An All-In-One Digital Solution For B2B Wholesale Commerce

RepSpark is a fully integrated B2B wholesale marketplace that offers digital catalogs, virtual showrooms, real-time data analysis, and more. Created to be a solution to B2B wholesale commerce, RepSpark is dedicated to making the B2B transaction process easier and quicker.

“As a new company, having the ability to showcase our company to buyers all over the country has been huge. We've obtained many new buyers through the community platform and are so happy to have found RepSpark. Such a great company to work with and always ready to help,” said a satisfied client.

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