Best Online B2B Sales Platform For Apparel & Accessories: Digital Catalogs

Feb 15, 2024

With RepSpark, you can make B2B e-commerce transactions easier than ever through innovative digital catalogs, showrooms, and more – creating the best online shopping experience!

With RepSpark, you can effortlessly help brands connect with buyers to streamline the e-commerce ordering process. Save sales reps and retailers time with digital catalogs tailored to their needs, custom assortments, virtual showrooms, and more!

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Built for brands of all sizes

RepSpark offers growth solutions that can fit the needs of any business or wholesaler in the apparel, footwear, and accessory industries—whether you’re a small brand or looking to scale. And if you’re in the golf industry? It’s the perfect tool to enhance your brand exposure and expand your reach!

According to a recent report, sales organizations are looking to streamline their tech stack and sellers indicate there’s plenty of opportunity here: only 37% strongly agree that their company takes full advantage of its CRM. Furthermore, the same study found that sales reps spend only 28% of their week selling; more than two-thirds of their time is spent distracted by record keeping, broken processes, tool management, and data entry.

Connect buyers with the best products

RepSpark's platform-based services help you reduce these losses by streamlining your wholesale process from start to finish and making it easier for buyers to place orders with your brand.

Through the platform, you have a B2B site for retailers to access and place orders easily. They can not only input orders, set delivery dates, and track invoices, but they also have access to a centralized dashboard displaying their order history across all brands, as well as information such as inventory, color options, sizes, and styles.

The site also provides a complete set of selling tools that empower sales reps to effectively market and sell products.

Trusted by 65,000+ members

Created in 2007 as a solution to improve B2B wholesale commerce, RepSpark is the core tool brands rely on to manage wholesale operations for their customers. Today, the company has a 98% customer satisfaction rate and more than 65,000 community members.

The director of operations at TYR said, "TYR & RepSpark have had a long-standing partnership. RepSpark has been a great resource for our sales reps and customers to enter orders as well as look up orders, invoices, and tracking. The ability for an account to see styles, inventory, open orders, etc have been a great asset for our reps. The new features and functionalities, like wish lists, have continued to help our sales representatives build towards our growth.”

Get all the tools you need to guide buyers to the best products with this all-in-one e-commerce solution!

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