Avoid Probate With An Estate Plan From This Forest Hills, TN Financial Advisor

Jul 27, 2023

Secure your family’s financial future with Goldstone Financial Group’s (630-620-9300) expert estate planning investment advisors in Forest Hills, TN. Create a personalized plan that protects your assets, ensures smooth inheritance transfer, and minimizes taxes.

Your family's financial future is far too important to be left to chance. Have you formalized your estate plan yet?

While nobody wants to think about death, or talk about death, or even broach the subject of inheritances in the event of your death, it's a part of life that you must address and formalize to ensure all your wealth building and investment planning is distributed to your loved ones the way you want, and not the way the courts see fit.

Goldstone Financial Group offers specialized advisory services at their Forest Hills office that addresses this very need. By safeguarding your assets for the seamless transfer of your property and investments, this personalized service makes your legacy planning more of a relief than a worry.

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According to a report from Caring.com, 60% of Americans lack a will or legacy plan. Dying intestate, or without a will, means the courts take over your estate and do with it what the letter of the law dictates.

The financial and retirement experts at Goldstone Financial Group want to help you avoid that possibility. Their services at their Forest Hills, TN office that makes it easier for you to create a well-tailored estate plan that bequeaths your wealth and family heirlooms in accordance with your wishes.

With a focus on preparing necessary documents to establish your desired inheritance allocations, protect your assets, reduce your taxes - this is a big one! - and create strategies that consider the potential for ill-health or incapacity, Goldstone advisors are here to give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your wishes will be honored after you've passed.

“After years of building wealth, there comes a time when individuals begin to worry about protecting their assets and investments for the benefit of future generations,” says a company spokesperson. “Our investment advisory services for estate planning alleviates these concerns.”

An estate plan not only names your beneficiaries but it also anticipates potential complications with taxes and property allocations. By working with a professional advisor who specializes in transforming complicated legal provisions into an easy-to-understand language, you can be assured your legacy will be precisely carried out.

The absence of a proper estate plan can lead to conflicts and legal battles within families over asset distribution - especially when the courts take over. An established plan minimizes such risks.

Goldstone estate planning investment advisors specialize in trusts and living wills, asset protection, legacies involving IRAs and other retirement plans, planning for ill-health and incapacity, and strategies to reduce estate taxes that could otherwise erode the value of your property and inheritance plans.

A Goldstone Financial Group client says, "My wife passed away after a three-month battle with lung cancer. Because of the instruments Goldstone Financial Group helped us put into place, we never had a concern regarding her long-term care or our grandchildren's future."

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