Autocomplete Optimization For Marietta Dentists: Gain Leads With Online Search

Nov 7, 2023

Want to get an online edge on your dentist competitors in Marietta, GA? Try My Tooth Media’s autocomplete optimization service – it’s quicker and less expensive than SEO or PPC, and you own the keywords you choose.

A Toothsome Marketing Opportunity

Did you know you can use the power of search platforms' autosuggest features to increase your dental practice's visibility to local prospects and increase your website's click-through rates?

Digital marketing agency My Tooth Media has a sweet deal for dental practices in Atlanta, Marietta, Buckhead, Smyrna, and nearby areas with their autocomplete optimization service.

With this service, you can claim the top keywords in your specialty and associate them with your brand and then have these keywords appear in the search boxes of the most popular platforms as suggested terms.

Check it out at

Google Knows Best

My Tooth Media has introduced the service in light of the fact that, according to Google, about 70% of online searches use the suggested terms brought up by the autocomplete feature. This means the autocomplete feature could be a promising opportunity for you to contact prospective patients who are searching for your services online.

Autocomplete optimization presents a cost-effective alternative to the more well-established marketing practices of SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click). Both methods seek to gain more online traffic, the first from organic search and the second from paid search, where you pay the ad publisher every time your ad link is clicked.

Save On Your Marketing Spend

Using the agency’s autocomplete optimization service, you can spend less money than you would on pay-per-click campaigns because prospects will find your practice directly when they type your chosen keywords into an online search box. Even better, you'll have exclusive rights to these keywords, so once you claim them your competitors can't.

From The Horse's Mouth

We give your business superior search results - 10 spots on the first page versus one spot for standard SEO,” an agency spokesperson said. “We make it much easier for users to click into your information and become customers. Search box optimization will yield a higher ROI than standard SEO and PPC due to lower costs and higher click-throughs.”

Who Is My Tooth Media?

My Tooth Media is passionate about helping small businesses like yours grow through digital marketing, driving real sales growth with a straightforward, reliable process. The agency’s services encompass all things digital, from Google and Facebook advertising to online presence enhancement and site conversion, and more.

A Testimonial

“We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market,” said one satisfied client. “We are extremely happy! My Tooth Media delivers the results they promise!

Optimizing your Marietta dental clinic's brand for the top search boxes like Google, Bing, and YouTube could lead to a doubling of your online traffic!

Learn more about My Tooth Media's autocomplete optimization service at

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