Auto Fire Guard®’s UL Component Certification Opening Doors for its Fireball®

Apr 7, 2021

UL Component Certification for Auto Fire Guard® allows the general public to rest assured that AFG®’s materials are top quality.

Auto Fire Guard’s Fireball® ( as seen in this video), received the coveted Underwriters Laboratory certification to UL 299 and UL 711 for all of its fire fighting components, according to the manufacturer.

Auto Fire Guard, LLC asserts that it has created the most advanced general purpose fire extinguishing system because the Fireball® stops fires instantly on contact.

The UL certifications usually govern dry-chemical fire extinguishing agents like mono-ammonium phosphate which is critical to the performance of these new device types. But Auto Fire Guard, LLC has taken it a step further, working with the Underwriters Laboratory to create new standards for this innovative portable and automatic fire extinguishing system, and several Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) have conducted performance tests and reported extreme success using the AFG Fireball® on all types of fires.

Grant Van Der Jagt, President of Auto Fire Guard, LLC, who is an internationally certified firefighter himself says “standards are extremely important when foreign made competitors cut costs by filling their equipment with random and sometimes toxic ingredients.” This statement is in reference to news that foreign made competitor have been caught filling their device with sand and illegal and toxic flash powders. “Auto Fire Guard is particularly proud of passing this quality audit by the UL”, says Mr. Van Der Jagt, “because it proves that we don’t cut corners. Our products are always made with the best ingredients, which are always 100% non-toxic.”

The timing of this innovation could not be better. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 2020 saw the largest increase in deaths and property damage from fire in history. It is time people started looking to technologies like the AFG Fireball® to protect themselves from fire.

“Auto Fire Guard’s Fireball® is simple to use”, says one customer on YouTube, “First, you put it in the fire. That’s it. You are done.” The Fireball® does not have the mechanicals other fire extinguishers do, therefore anyone can use it. You don’t even need to be home to activate it. If it senses fire, it activates completely on its own.

The Fireball® automatically senses the fire and activates the internal Airburst™️ system to quickly blow the fire suppressant in 360° and stop the fire cold, absorbing up to 2,200°F in the process.

The self-activating mechanism is similar to automobile air bag technology, and therefore cannot go off accidentally, even in high heat areas. Auto Fire Guard, LLC makes the Fireball® in various sizes (1.1lb, 3lbs, 4lbs and 11lbs) and many decorative designs to fit any decor.

The new UL certifications are invaluable, according to the company, because they increase the public’s confidence in the product. This is particularly important because Auto Fire Guard’s advantage lies in its ability to put out fires that occur when no one is present. “Everybody would love to have a fire sprinkler system in their home, but not everyone can afford one. AFG is the best and most reasonably priced alternative,” says Mr. Van Der Jagt. “And using only the best, third-party tested materials allows us to distribute the product with certainty and confidence.”

UL 299 and UL 711 Certification allow Auto Fire Guard©, a Colorado-based company, to demonstrate to the public that purchasers can be secure in knowing that the components in AFG’s product have been tested by the most esteemed independent standards party and that they meet the highest level of quality and reliability.

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