Austin TX Test Preparation Tutor Shares New Student Self Care Infographic

Dec 17, 2020

Austin, TX students often feel anxious as the date of their SAT or ACT exam nears. That’s why Dr. Kelly Frindell, a top exam preparation coach, launched an informative student self-care infographic.

Feeling stressed about your upcoming SAT or ACT exam? Then this infographic is for you!

Dr. Kelly Frindell, a test preparation coach based in Austin, TX, announces the launch of a new report. Her infographic aims to teach you crucial self-care tips that will help you have a stress-free SAT or ACT examination.

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This resource was released so you can reduce your anxiety levels in the days before your exam, which often leads to better scores. She adds that the current pandemic adds a whole layer of stress, hence the need for proper self-care.

The SAT and ACT are standardized tests that not only measure a student’s academic achievement, but are also factored into their college admissions. As such, learners prepare eagerly for these tests but often feel anxious or burnt out as the exam date approaches.

Dr. Kelly’s self-care infographic has been made free to all students. You simply need to visit her website to download the resource.

It offers five important tips that will help you be both physically and mentally prepared for your upcoming SAT or ACT. These are simple and actionable steps that you should ideally implement in the two weeks preceding your examination.

The first cluster of tips focuses on physical self-care, including exercising, getting enough rest, and eating healthily. The second cluster emphasizes having a positive mindset, and advocates positive visualization and taking stock of what the test really measures.

Dr. Kelly says that having a relaxed mind and body helps you make better decisions, especially when encountering tricky exam questions. It also gives you more focus, which allows you to better absorb and apply lessons during review sessions.

Dr. Kelly is a top exam preparation coach who offers private tutoring sessions for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE tests. Releasing free resource materials is part of her endeavor to empower kids to succeed in admission exams.

She says: “Preparing for and succeeding in entrance exams entails more than just hitting the books. It also involves making sure you are in a good mental and physical state when taking the test to achieve the best results.”

Beat pre-examination stress and ace your SAT or ACT! Download the free infographic today.

You can find more information about Dr. Kelly and her tutoring services through the URL above.

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