Austin, TX Natural Neuropathy Reversal Program: Get Permanent Pain Relief

Dec 23, 2021

Looking for an effective treatment for your neuropathy pain? Check out Dr. Pure Life’s (512-306-9800) natural reversal strategies for those desperate to find a solution for the tingling or numbness they are experiencing.

Austin, TX Natural Neuropathy Reversal Program: Get Permanent Pain Relief

Are you in constant pain? Are you experiencing typical neuropathy symptoms? Numbness, tickling, or burning sensations?

Dr. Pure Life's services are recommended if you need to effectively and naturally address the root cause of the neuropathy diagnosis without surgery and drugs.

More information can be found at about the practice and services they offer.

Now you can collaborate with a proven expert in this field to help improve your health and wellbeing. The Dr. Pure Life clinic offers you access to high-quality chiropractic and functional neurology solutions to help you overcome the physical conditions you are currently dealing with.

Neuropathy is a condition when peripheral nerves are damaged causing tingling, burning, or numbness. The damage can be caused by anything from diabetes to chemotherapy and is often regarded as irreversible with little to no permanent or sustainable relief or recovery available to sufferers. You may be prescribed ongoing medication with unpleasant side effects which can severely and negatively impact your overall quality of life.

Dr. Roger Borbon, a board-certified chiropractic neurologist, has developed a clinically proven unique treatment protocol that naturally and effectively reduces or eliminates burning, tingling, pain, or weakness in neuropathy patients by reversing the root cause involved.

Interested parties can visit for more information about neuropathy and Dr. Borbon's natural intervention strategies.

About Dr. Roger Borbon

Dr. Roger Borbon, a board-certified functional and chiropractic neurologist, obtained his doctorate in 2004 and established his practice in 2005. He developed the Optimized FFL (Form, Function, Lifestyle) system that has helped bring rapid healing results to his patients. He is also one of only 278 functional neurologists worldwide.

A relieved patient said, “I have been living with chemo-induced neuropathy since the summer of 2004. In addition to traditional chiropractic care, you also gave me laser treatments that I believe helped reduce my leg pain. My balance has improved 100%. The feeling in my feet is improving. In October 2005, I purchased a new vehicle and within two weeks was driving confidently enough to take myself to appointments and the store.”

Dr. Roger Borbon is the trusted neuropathy expert you can always rely on - reach out to his practice at (512-306-9800) to find out how they can help you.

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