AUS Psychology Clinic Management Software: Automatic Appointment Reminders

Feb 28, 2022

Looking for the best practice management tool for your Australian practice? Visit Power Diary – Australia – Practice Management Software’s website today for the platform that will make your job much easier!

AUS Psychology Clinic Management Software: Automatic Appointment Reminders

Tired of your patients forgetting to attend their appointments? It's not only frustrating but it also causes you to lose money. Power Diary - can help prevent that!

The company’s platform delivers a convenient all-in-one solution for managing all aspects of your practice with task organisation tools and simple invoice creation. If you run a psychology or physiotherapy clinic, you will benefit greatly from incorporating this software into your business as it will help streamline an array of processes and store everything in a single place.

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Power Diary's features include scheduling, billing, insurance coding, custom templates, patient documents, e-prescriptions, appointment reminders, reporting, and patient portal. You will be able to cut back on time spent on administrative tasks, which will give you more time for other aspects of your practice.

A major advantage of using this software is that it will reduce no-shows by automatically sending up to 3 reminders to your patients so they won’t forget their appointments. A waitlist feature is also included so you can fill appointments easily when new openings become available.

Because the company understands how critical it is for both medical professionals and patients to stay safe during the current pandemic, they’ve also introduced a telehealth feature. With it, you can send unique links to your patients so you can have live video sessions. You can find additional details at

The software adds a high level of convenience for managing practices as you can access the platform via desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone as long as you have internet access. Because of this, you won’t need to visit your desk for every little task and can manage your practice no matter where you are.

Power Diary - Australia - Practice Management Software also offers SMS and email communication options so you can chat with your patients to answer questions quickly or inform them of any changes. Additionally, you can create and schedule bulk email marketing campaigns.

A satisfied client said: “The best thing about PowerDiary would have to be the time savings having everything incorporated into the one program by being able to send and receive messages including automated. It is so simple to use as well and there are always new features being added.”

Power Diary - Australia - Practice Management Software offers the invaluable management solution you need to simplify your business!

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