Ashland Computer Repair And IT Services And Medford Computer Repair Company Sunrise Computing Hires New Office Administrator

Oct 30, 2018

Medford Oregon computer repair company Sunrise Computing hires new office administrator. Sunrise Computing offers Ashland Computer repair and IT services for businesses and residences in Medford, Ashland, and in nearby areas.

  • ashland computer repair and it services and medford computer repair company sunr
  • ashland computer repair and it services and medford computer repair company sunr
  • ashland computer repair and it services and medford computer repair company sunr

Medford Oregon computer repair company Sunrise Computing is happy to announce the hiring of an office administrator at their business location in the CobbleStone Village at 1263 N Riverside, Suite 12, in Medford Oregon.

More information can be found at:

Sunrise Computing offers both onsite and offsite Medford computer repair services and also onsite and offsite Ashland computer repair services.

According to business owner Brandon Kidwell “As part of our commitment to providing computer repair in Medford and Ashland that is not only reliable, but quick and knowledgeable, we are excited to announce the addition of an office administrator, Rob Werfel . Rob will man the shop while the techs are out of the office. We’ve been servicing the Rogue Valley for four years, from home users to businesses as big as Fred Meyers and everything in between. We have a passion for technology and computers that we strive to bring to our clients through interactions and workshops.”

The Sunrise Computing team has experience in the computer repair and networking field and offers full IT support. In addition to this, Sunrise Computing also helps with home managed IT services and computer repair.

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Sunrise Computing is trusted to do IT work by many big retailers in the area as well, including the likes of Fred Meyers, Ross, TJmax, Foot Locker, Victoria’s Secret, Marshals, Staples as well as small and medium sized businesses in the Rogue Valley area.

Sunrise Computing offers the following services:

● Medford computer repair services and Ashland computer repair services

● Medford computer networking services and Ashland computer networking services

● Medford residential computer repair and Ashland residential computer repair

● Medford business computer repair and Ashland business computer repair

● Medford computer store and Ashland computer store

● Medford Windows computer repair and Ashland Windows computer repair

● Medford Apple computer repair and Ashland Apple computer repair

● Medford Mac computer repair and Ashland Mac computer repair

● Medford TV streaming setup and Ashland TV streaming setup

● Medford phone screen repair and Ashland phone screen repair

● Medford network and WiFi diagnostics and Ashland network and WiFi diagnostics

● Medford custom computers and Ashland custom computers

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