Arlington Health Insurance Survey Shows Americans Dental Coverage is too pricey

Dec 6, 2021

Rick Thornton, a Arlington health insurance agent says 48% of insured Americans have been skipping dental visits or recommended procedures because of cost. And that number rises for the uninsured.

Arlington health insurance has always had many benefits, and that includes dental coverage. But a recent report suggests that a surprising new trend exists where nearly half of insured Americans — many in the baby boomer generation — have been skipping routine dental visits and necessary procedures. The prospective patients point to Medicare shortcomings and costs they simply can’t or won’t pay for — redefining what it means to be too afraid to go to the dentist.

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According to a survey of more than 2,000 Americans by Value Penguin, 48% of insured Americans have been skipping dental visits or recommended procedures because of cost. This includes those with health insurance in Arlington. The most jaw-dropping statistic from the report, however, showed the percentage of those Americans who do not have dental insurance and do not visit the dentist for similar reasons jumped to 65%. “Baby boomers are least likely to have dental insurance, and most say it’s due to Medicare,” the article states. “38% of baby boomers don’t have dental insurance, and 42% within that group say it’s because their Medicare plan doesn’t cover dental.”

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent echoed what the article stated in that not getting routine and recommended dental care is risky and can have unintended consequences. But the fact that so many people aren’t letting that bother them is a sign that more might need to be done to improve insurance affordability. The current administration went out of its way to add a special enrollment period that just expired back in August, and that extra time to apply made it easy for Americans to apply for coverage, especially those who were underinsured or uninsured. But time will tell how this administration answers the challenge of getting more people to go back to the dentist.

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