Arizona Private Schools Can Improve Academics With Hope-Based EI Curriculum

Mar 20, 2023

Arizona private school teachers know the importance of teaching students not only academic skills, but also behavioral, social, and emotional skills that will help them have a healthy, hopeful future. Hope Rising’s hope-centered curriculum, “My Best Me”, is designed to do just that.

Arizona Private Schools Can Improve Academics With Hope-Based EI Curriculum

While the cultures of private schools may vary across the state of Arizona, the need for a productive, positive learning environment is consistent.

Private school educators and directors know the importance of minimizing class disruptions and conflicts between students for creating a safe and focused atmosphere in the classroom.

To facilitate this process, Hope Rising offers you a hope-centered emotional intelligence curriculum that teaches your students how to manage their emotions, have beneficial interactions, and build healthy relationships in the classroom.

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✦ A Bit About EI ✦

The conversation around emotional intelligence has been intensifying within Arizona school districts in the past few years. In a 2020 review, the Arizona Department of Education outlined the need for including EI competencies in Arizona school curriculums.

You may have noticed that this need has only increased since then, aggravated by the social interruption and isolation challenges experienced by students during quarantines. The process of adapting back into in-person learning and everyday life has been overwhelming for students in particular.

✦ "My Best Me" ✦

The concept of Hope Rising's curriculum, "My Best Me," is rooted in this definition of hope: "Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today, and that you have the power to make it so".

With this in mind, the program teaches students practical skills for setting personal and academic goals. Your students then learn how to develop a pathway to achieve their set objectives. Setting goals and making them happen helps your students build confidence and personal accountability, while also encouraging them to be actively engaged in directing their own education.

As a private school educator, you can implement "My Best Me" as a one-hour weekly session or tailor it to your classroom schedule, to supplement your primary academic syllabus.

"My Best Me" has been proven to reduce classroom disruptions and the need for disciplinary actions. With such conflicts removed from the classroom, your students will feel safer and therefore better able to focus and achieve.

Schools implementing "My Best Me" have reported higher graduation rates, increased respect for authority, and improved grades. Educators using this interactive program have also reported a decrease in issues like absenteeism, unwanted teen pregnancies, suicides, bullying, violence, and suspensions.

✦ About Hope Rising ✦

Hope Rising strives to provide educators and students with a comprehensive curriculum that intersects hope and emotional intelligence. With a core team, advisory board, and board of directors with diverse backgrounds in education, social work, and social sciences, the company uses scientific research to design its EI curriculum, which has resulted in measurable improvements for schools around the world.

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