Arabic Language Course For Children – Register Now For Free Skills Assessment

Jan 14, 2022

Looking for the top private Arabic language tuition service for children in Canada and the US? Look no further than Aminisa Juniors Academy. Register your child today for a free skills assessment!

Arabic Language Course For Children - Register Now For Free Skills Assessment

When it comes to the education of your children, never compromise on quality! AJ academy is experienced and the course is both effective and enjoyable.

Designed to be fun and engaging, the course aims to teach children to become fluent in Arabic using an online platform. Your child will receive one-to-one online sessions with a highly qualified teacher that will allow them to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.

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The latest announcement is in line with the company’s vision of educating children to become fluent in the Arabic language by learning in a fun, comfortable, and interactive way. AJ Academy creates a vibrant environment enabling children to learn effectively and in a professional manner.

The course is split into five phases and begins with a free initial skills assessment to establish each student’s individual starting point, strengths and weaknesses. Tuition is available to complete beginners or to those with a more advanced level of knowledge and is customized to cater to your children’s needs.

Beginners move on to the second phase of the course, ‘An Introduction to the Arabic Language’. Here students learn about the language, culture, and alphabets of Arabic and gain confidence in their ability to move forward on to the next stages.

The third phase of the course, ‘Arabic Grammar and Main Vocabulary’, focuses on reading, writing, and speaking. Students build on their knowledge and learn how to correctly read and write fluently in Arabic and how to correctly pronounce words to construct sentences using their vocabulary.

The fourth stage, ‘The Production Phase’, focuses on implementing everything your child has learned. For example, they will write to and speak with Arabic natives, and write paragraphs, reports, and letters. They will also watch movies to further expand their knowledge of speaking and understanding the spoken tongue.

The final phase is an exam that records your child’s progress allowing tutors to establish any strengths and weaknesses and rectify any issues.

According to AJ Academy, children can benefit in different ways by learning a second language. It helps them to understand different cultures and respect differences in society. It can help children in their future careers and allow them to connect with people that they would otherwise be unable to do.

There are no start or end dates to the course – candidates must first register online and are then able to learn at leisure. Parents can pay monthly, yearly, or half-yearly and are eligible for discounts depending on the choice of package.

AJ Academy is the trusted Arabic tuition service you can rely on. Don’t miss out – register your children today!

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