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Jun 2, 2023

Surety Bonds Professionals (781-559-0568) will match you with the best bonding companies so you can bid on more projects.

Going from one surety agency to another and submitting the same documents repeatedly is not the most productive way to secure a performance and payment bond. Let Surety Bond Professionals show you the easy way! With just a few documents and a single online application, you can be matched to multiple bonding companies in your area.

Some of the documents that you will need include a detailed history of contract performance, financial statements, and information about the project that you are bidding for.

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Surety Bond Professionals finds the right bonding company for you based on your size, financial situation, and expertise. You can start the application process and get a custom quote by completing an online form. A team member will contact you directly to answer questions and discuss what programs are available to you.

Performance and payment bonds are often required for both private and public contracts, as they ensure that the construction will be completed according to the standards set by the contract, including paying the laborers, material suppliers, subcontractors, and any other contractual obligations. The face value of the bond is anywhere between 50-100% of the contract price, but Surety Bond Professionals states that 100% is the most common.

The premium ranges from 0.5-3% of the contract price, depending on your financial capacity, company history and credit, and project type. Larger projects will follow a competitive sliding-scale rating, where the fees and premiums are based on contract value and project length.

Some benefits of securing a bond include eliminating the need for significant capital outlay, keeping a good credit line, and minimizing the project's impact on your working capital. Working with Surety Bond Professionals also allows you to maintain a good relationship with the bonding company because the agency can serve as a mediator should any bond issues arise.

About the Agency

Surety Bond Professionals is a family-owned and operated bonding agency with access to over 25 surety markets throughout the United States. The agency uses a proprietary process to match contractors with the most suitable bonding company and competitive terms.

You are not just a number at Surety Bond Professionals! They treat each client as their "business family" and set you up for success by taking time to explain the pros and cons of each bond program and enabling you to make informed decisions for your business. Check out the website to see the numerous client testimonials about the efficient and genuine service that they received from Surety Bond Professionals!

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