America’s Dairyland justifies needed changes to FMMO policy

Oct 10, 2023

Insights on Innovation releases three previously unpublished facts about its upcoming America’s Dairyland by T H. Harbinger book launch. Further information can be found at

Ahead of the launch of its new Paperback and e-book, Insights on Innovation is making public three as yet unreleased facts about America's Dairyland by T H. Harbinger set to go live this Fall, 2023, which fans and consumers within the historical novels space will find interesting.

The Three items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating America's Dairyland by T H. Harbinger came about after his Great-Grandfather immigrated from Germany in 1880 and started a dairy farm in central Wisconsin. He raised a family with four children on ten cows. His Grandfather took over the farm, doubled the herd, and, over 35 years, raised his family of three boys. His Father, the third child in the family, expanded the barn and tripled the herd while raising a family of eight boys. After 105 years, his brother Doug, number seven in the family, became the fourth-generation farmer. However, within ten years, he came to realize that Lenz Dairy Farm could no longer support a family. His story is similar to 14,000 others. It's time they knew HOW this happened. It's time everyone understood WHY this happened.

During the time of this story, 14,000 Wisconsin Dairy Farms were driven out of business. The root cause was milk price volatility because of USDA milk pricing methods developed in the 1930s. This volatility became a death sentence to the small dairy farmers.

America's Dairyland by T H. Harbinger will be released as part of Insights on Innovation's greater plans to bring untold stories covering hidden heroics and deceit to life. This recent book tells the story of small farmers and how their lives continue to be exploited for the sake of Giant Food Company corporate profits.

Insights on Innovation got its start when Founder T H. Harbinger noticed a growing need for books that illustrated how the past makes for the future. With a technical and business background honed while working in corporate America, T H. Harbinger has reinvented the One-of-a-kind books and movies world.

T H. Harbinger is quoted saying: "We create a plausible story by digging into the details of the true life events." T H. Harbinger builds the stories from factual events involving business and technical breakthroughs or irregularities, such as 14,000 dairy farmers going out of business.

Insights on Innovation is doing something different compared to other publishers in the One-of-a-kind books and movies space.

America's Dairyland by T H. Harbinger is set to launch in Fall 2023. To find out more, it's possible to visit

For more facts and further information about Insights on Innovation, this can be discovered at

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