America Is Burning, figuratively for change and literally due to looting

Jun 6, 2020

The organization “Just Stop Killing Us is urging people to bring their social media outrage into real life by striving for social, political, and economic change in response to heightened racial tensions and violence.

The history of the United States is rife with instances of civil unrest due to poor race relations. There has been a proverbial drum-roll of race killings in the country since its inception. The rise of social media has shown a light on the problem in ways we have never seen. This leads many to believe the nation is sliding backward, while others agree with famous actor Will Smith who said, “racism is not getting worse, it’s getting televised.”

The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has ignited people not just there but around the country and indeed around the world. All of this pressure eventually needs a release. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. This is prompting a myriad of responses spanning from viral social posts to looting and arson. Looters have been both condemned and compared to the conspirators of the Boston Tea Party. While two wrongs will never make a right, the power of such provocative action to get the attention of the world is undeniable.

It is clear people are ready for change. People are ready for the movement to be more than just posts and likes. The way forward is in question because of the nation’s history of relative intransigence. Various social groups are springing up around the country to respond. You are likely familiar with Black Lives Matter, but Just Stop Killing Us, a new organization for human rights and social justice has begun a full-court press. The organization is a coalition of the willing poised to amplify and support the social, political, and economic movements towards social justice.

They have recently begun a petition on to push for a direct and formal response from the President of the United States. Volunteers said they have little hope President Trump will respond regardless of how many signatures can be amassed, but similar to the Declaration of Independence it will be a good tool to formally speak to the world and the US government. Their plea is for the government to create a national response to protect its citizens as opposed to leaving these proceedings in the hands of the states. They say national problems warrant national responses.

The organization aims to join forces with individuals, nonprofit organizations such as Phoenix International Inc., and businesses like Griffin Global Incorporated to devise community-based social, political, and economic solutions.

The organization is working diligently to put together resources to help people and other organizations doing this work in daily life. The aim is to develop a network of productivity among people and organizations with like missions. “If the government refuses to take care of the people, the people must take care of themselves.” -Anonymous Volunteer for Just Stop Killing Us. When questioned as to the meaning of the phrase the volunteer further explained that this problem is multifaceted. Police brutality is not the only way minorities are being marginalized and killed in the United States. Predatory lending, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, racial profiling, and uneven sentencing standards all aspects of an American reality that are stepping closer and closer to genocide. America is burning both literally and figuratively; burning for change, burning for progress, burning for justice.

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