Amateur Day Trader Risk Management Essentials: Mentoring From The Pros

Jan 6, 2024

There’s no better way to learn than by studying with a mentor – and My Investing Club (MIC) offers probably the most supportive mentoring in the day trading game.

If you're here, you're most likely a day trader.

And you're struggling to stay profitable.

That's no surprise. From employees looking for "easy" side hustles to business owners interested in branching out into a dynamic and motivating field, the majority of beginners struggle to stay profitable - and that’s mostly due to a lack of proper education, says MIC founder and experienced day trader Alex Temiz.

There's no easy solution - you have to put in the effort to learn the basics and start knowing what you're doing. And while nobody else can do the learning for you, there is a way to make learning easier - and even fun.

And that's by joining the right learning community.

My Investing Club: Day Trading Mentorship & Education Done Right

MIC offers complete resources for beginner day traders interested in improving their decision making skills.

Expert mentorship opportunities allow you to learn from day trading experts, while new webinars give you essential practical insights into trading practices that have generated profits for thousands of beginners.

Free Trading Webinar

The webinar offers a step-by-step demonstration of trading strategies that have helped Alex earn more than $600,000 in a single day - and is used by thousands of beginners to create their own $10k/month side hustles.

If you're among the first 500 registrants you'll receive free training videos worth over $600, sent directly to your e-mail - so register today and start learning!

Expert Mentorship

For amateurs signing up to MIC, the club offers mentorship opportunities with Alex and other expert traders - one of the most effective ways to master day trading basics and see immediate improvements.

With a focus on understanding risk management and adjusting your exposure, MIC mentorship help beginners create a solid foundation for day trading success.

About My Investing Club

Founded in 2018 by Alex Temiz and Bao Nguyen, MIC has grown into one of the leading providers of day trading education, and is widely regarded as the most supportive learning communities in the industry.

A satisfied member said: “I've been with MIC for a couple years after being signed up with different trading rooms and MIC is by far the best. It's the only place to truly learn to trade and be self sufficient. They've basically adapted what prop firms are doing and made it accessible for the average person. Worth every penny.”

Go to to sign up for the next MIC free webinar - and start your journey to a successful day trading career!

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