Alternate Treatment: CAM Therapies A Spotlight on Natural Pain Relief Techniques

Sep 18, 2023

Interested in natural pain relief alternatives beyond standard medications? Explore Alternate Treatments’ new guide on complementary and alternative medicine!

There’s a whole lot of conflicting information about alternative healthcare out there. Some say yay, others say nay, and with so many different forms of complementary medicine, it can get overwhelming to sift through all the literature to figure out what works and what doesn’t. If only there was a guide that compiled all the information into one place for you…

Well, the search is over! Alternate Treatments has taken the liberty of succinctly summarizing all that information and gathering it into a single, convenient guide! In their newest blog entry, seasoned medical anthropologist and wellness veteran Isabella Rodriguez will walk you through the most common forms of complementary and alternative therapies, so you can decide which one is right for you!

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Alternate Treatments has released their latest guide to address the growing interest in the field, aiming to provide you with comprehensive information about various forms of alternative treatments. According to Rodriguez, complementary and alternative medicine, aka CAM, refers to a wide range of medical practices that are not considered to be part of standard healthcare but can be used alongside it. The definition includes alternative medical systems, mind-body interventions, biology-based therapies, and manipulative and body-based methods.

As these treatments may not be suitable for everyone, Rodriguez offers an objective overview of each type of CAM therapy and lists how they are typically used. For example, she notes that manipulative CAM treatments such as massage therapy, chiropractic, yoga, and tai chi can help with muscle pain, flexibility, balance, and physical well-being, but they can also be difficult to perform, expensive, time-consuming, and may not necessarily work for all conditions. You probably wouldn’t want to attempt yoga to treat the pain from a broken leg, for example. That might not work too well.

On the other hand, alternative medicine like herbal remedies, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda can be less invasive than standard treatments and provide relief for specific symptoms, but some of their purported health benefits are not backed by scientific evidence. Of course, it can’t be denied that a nice, hot cup of herbal tea will always feel more soothing than swallowing a pill, so there’s also that to consider!

Another attractive thing about CAM is that, for the most part, it’s easy to get into. There are some things to keep in mind, though. While many forms of complementary medicine and therapies can be practiced at home, Rodriguez advises you to seek advice from a medical professional before starting, as some treatments may react adversely with medication or exacerbate certain health conditions.

She also cautions that while some CAM therapies can be used to manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatments, they should not replace conventional care without first consulting a healthcare provider. It is your body, and you’ve only got one, so it’s always best to get a second opinion before throwing yourself headlong into the unknown. Maybe even a third opinion too, if you want to be extra careful.

With the release of their latest guide, Alternate Treatments stays true to its mission of helping their readers and customers make informed decisions about natural alternatives to traditional medicine.

CAM therapies aren’t for everyone, but with the appropriate amount of research, they can go a long way in helping you with pain, illness, or even just feeling good every day. Alternate Treatments is here to give you a leg-up on your journey to wellness, and their guide is a great starting point for you if you’ve been looking for options other than conventional medicine.

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