All In One Business Management Software: CRM, Messaging & Website Development

Mar 23, 2024

Looking to cut down on software subscription costs? Kyrios Systems has you covered; their all-in-one business management platform has all the tools you need to scale your business and succeed online.

You Can't Have It All... Or Can You?

When it comes to doing business online, there is no one clear path to success. Building a business is like building a vast machine, and sometimes, you install a part in that machine that doesn't work correctly. Sometimes, you end up paying for a component that doesn't get used - as is the case for a large portion of business softwareaccounting for up to 30 billion dollars annually.

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It's true, and if you are a new business or startup owner, that number might shock you. The truth of the matter is that the average business wastes over $250 per computer on enterprise software that does not get used at all!

But how can that be? Well, the answer is pretty simple, at least in theory. Innovation in the business technology space comes on fast, and sometimes, that results in redundancies in the software ecosystem. Introduce good old-fashioned human error into the equation and it can be pretty easy to see how the majority of businesses end up with software subscriptions that get forgotten.

So, what can you do to prevent this waste? Kyrios Systems has an answer.

An All-In-One Software Solution

Kyrios Systems has devised a universal hub system for businesses of all sizes that can serve the function of a website development studio, a CRM, a funnel management system, and an SMS and email provider. The system is fully customizable and can help your business cut down on the often-costly burden that establishing a software ecosystem can present.

They designed this system with the hard facts of the industry in mind, namely the conspicuously high failure rate for startups in 2024. Data collected last year suggests that over 20% of small startups that launched in 2023 had failed by the end of Q4 and that by the end of that year, over 90% of businesses that launched in 2018 or later had been shuttered.

To help these businesses succeed, Kyrios Systems has set out to create a product that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to help manage and scale client businesses.

Their platform includes automation solutions suitable for a range of applications, as well as pipeline and workflow tracking to make the process of monitoring and facilitating a powerful online presence easier than ever before.

Powerful & Affordable

The Kyrios platform is available at a flat rate which does not increase based on the number of customer contacts or employees being managed through the system. With Kyrios, you can prepare and budget for your continued growth, without having to switch to other systems after a certain point in your business' growth.

A spokesperson speaking on this topic stated, “This is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes, as it gives you the freedom to scale your team and grow your customer base without having to worry about adding hefty additional costs as you scale your business. This means that you can add as many users and contacts as you need, without having to worry about your bill going up.”

Choose Your Package Today

Kyrios Systems offers their all-in-one management platform through several different packages depending on your company's needs. The most basic package provides access to the feature-complete platform, with more advanced options providing businesses with a range of templates and pre-built workflows on top of the core platform.

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